Workout of the Week: The Fat Blast Ladder

The Fat Blast Ladder

There’s no need to be afraid of fat anymore! While this fat blast ladder is tough, the reward you get for finishing it is well worth it. Your body begins to burn off the fat that sticks to love handles and thighs. Soon you look skinnier than ever, you feel amazing, and you drop down […]

Workout of the Week – Squat for Summer

squat with it

Get those buns ready for the sun! Today’s workout is a collection of dynamic squat exercises. You’ll do an exercise for 45 seconds and rest for 15, then repeat the process again. Your glutes might burn, but they won’t feel as hot as you will once you’re done with this one! One thing to keep […]

Workout of the Week: Hustle and Muscle!

renegade row intense

Let’s get in some hustle and muscle! This workout is fairly standard, but the results you’ll get are far from ordinary. Your arms will be pushed to the max so you can get the most out of every round. All you need is a pair of dumbbells! Dumbbells are an awesome piece of equipment to […]

Workout of the Week: Lasting Legs

fbbc squat

Want legs that will last and not break down? This workout is a great way to measure your leg strength and endurance. You’ll start out by doing 30 reps of each main exercise. The next round, you’ll do 20 reps of each, then 10, then 5. If you can’t make it to the end, try […]

Workout of the Week: Fit-astic Fat Fighter

fit astic

Want a workout that melts fat? Try this one—it’s an upper body and lower body burner! You’ll alternate between push up based exercises and leg based exercises. Why is it important to work out your entire body? It gives your body that “completed” look. It shows that you really care about your fitness—every single part […]

Workout of the Week: Unbelievable Arms!

Workout of the Week: Unbelievable Arms

Are your arms begging for some burn? No worries, our workout for this week will get you looking toned in no time! It is tank top season, after all. You want to look good wearing your favorite sleeveless t-shirt or tank in the hot weather, and adding that extra arm muscle can do the trick […]

Workout of the Week: Roll with the Crunches!

roll with crunches

Your workout is about to get crunchy! This week, we have an awesome ab workout lined up for you. If you like crunches, you’ll love this one. The crunch is a simple core exercise. However, you can mix up the type of crunches you do for a creative ab-carving workout. Use this workout as a […]

Workout of the Week: Glute-tastic!

glute workout summer

Glute season is heating up! Summer’s almost here, which means it’s the perfect time to work those glutes into tip-top shape! This week’s workout will shape your glute muscles to goddess levels. You’ll look amazing in that new bikini you just bought! For this workout, you’ll do as many reps as you can in a […]

Workout of the Week: Stronger Shoulders

stronger shoulders

Want to score an amazing 3-for-1 deal? Here is a 3 minute/1 minute workout for ya. You’ll give it your all for 3 minutes, then rest for 1. Today’s area of focus? Shoulders! The exercises in this workout are not all that difficult. However, they do require a bit of endurance. There’s no need to […]

Workout of the Week: Tone That Lower Body!

lower body toner

Want a lower body that looks amazing? This workout will tone and strengthen your lower body. Not only will you look good, but you’ll walk around with ease. Today’s workout is a 2 station freestyle. You’ll work out at 2 stations before switching to a freestyle finisher. The change of pace will definitely test your […]