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The Fit Body Boot Camp Difference

You may have already tried dozens of diets, endless programs, lost weight, gained it back, and are feeling like nothing will work.

At Fit Body Boot Camp, we are results driven. Our 30-minute weight loss boot camp challenges the body and delivers results in a positive, supportive atmosphere. 

Our sessions combine high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and active rest, and we guarantee our clients results by adding nutritional guidance and personal accountability. 

See some of our life-changing results below from men and women just like you. 

Crystal M.
Amazing Results Even With M.S.

Crystal was diagnosed with M.S. 10 years which put pressure on her life. So, she realized she needed to do something to take even better care of herself.

“I have tried countless other programs and I can’t believe that I have stuck with Fit Body… it’s awesome. I know that each day I need to choose health and I truly CRAVE coming here everyday… I absolutely love coming here”.

Carla B.
Lost 25 Pounds & Counting

Carla had a “ah-ha” moment when the day she went to put on her favourite jeans and they didn’t fit.

After trying a few other programs that didn’t work she decided to give Fit Body a try.

“I have never been more fit, I know how to eat properly, and the coaches are amazing! You will NEVER be disappointed you took a step through Fit Body’s doors”…

Catherine R.
Lost 60 Pounds At 60 Years Old

As Cathy was aging she started to recognize that everything was becoming more challenging. Even simple things like walking up stairs.

So, she joined Fit Body initially starting in our 55+ program but due to her amazing progress she started to attend our regular Boot Camp program.

Since, she has lost 60 pounds and when she was struggling to walk up the stairs, now she runs up the stairs…

Janna W.
Already Down 20 Pounds

Janna recognized that her weight had started to creep up and now that she was in her mid 40’s it was time to make a change.

Her increased weight had her feeling very uncomfortable, her confidence was at an all-time low, and that last thing she wanted to do was to go buy bigger clothes.

That is when she found Fit Body and hasn’t looked back…

“Fit Body is always different, it’s never boring… the classes are the perfect length of time… and the coaches are fantastic! If I can do this, anybody can do it!”…

Manny A.
Faced Physical Limitations & Reversed Family History Of Chronic Disease

Meet Manny Antunes, a proud member of Fit Body bootcamp, who embarked on an incredible journey to transform his life.

Faced with physical limitations and a family history of chronic diseases, Manny found the motivation to make a change, and it’s truly inspiring.

Manny has already shed an impressive 36 pounds but also has gained focus, drive, and confidence. Witness the power of dedication and witness the positive impact of a supportive fitness community.

At Fit Body, Manny and his husband found more than just a gym; they discovered a place where they could motivate each other and build a stronger, healthier bond together.

“The coaches at Fit Body have created a culture of family and commitment, providing unwavering support”…

Matt M.
In Best Shape At Almost 40

Matt did not like the direction his health and fitness was going as he started to approach 40 years and in his own words, “I was skinny fat”.

So, he decided to join Fit Body and quickly saw an amazing transformation.

Matt has lost over 10% body and completely changed the way he looks.

“what sets Fit Body apart is the coaches. They care, they are always smiling, and they motivate you to be your best…”

Results From Real People Just Like You...

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"... I can't believe how easy and effective this program is"

-- Jodie C.

A before and after picture

"... my energy is through the roof and I feel so much more confident..."

-- Jason N.

A before and after picture

"... I have tried EVERYTHING and this is the only program that has worked and isn't miserable haha..."

-- Yvonne A.

A before and after picture

"... I have been able to lose all this weight even being a super busy dad with very little time..."

-- David W.

A before and after picture

"... I cannot express how much this program has changed me. My confidence, my energy, if you don't do this program, your crazy..."

-- Caroline

A before and after picture

"... I now have the energy and the fitness level to do the things that I couldn't even 6 weeks ago..."

-- Grant S.

Clients Are Changing Their Lives Every Week...

Fit Body Has Changed These Client's Lives & We Can Change Your's Too...

A before and after picture

... I was trying everything with no success. But this program worked because it isn't about restriction. It's about what works. I can fit into pants I never thought I would again..."

-- Ashley S.

A before and after picture

"... I sleep better, I have more energy, I have stopped drinking, and I feel so much better about myself...

-- John F.

A before and after picture

"... I started to love myself again. I have more energy and felt myself grow with every workout. People started to tell me how proud they were. I felt myself standing taller and want to be front and center for pictures."

-- Kelly N.

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