Workout of the Week: Stronger Shoulders

Want to score an amazing 3-for-1 deal?

Here is a 3 minute/1 minute workout for ya. You’ll give it your all for 3 minutes, then rest for 1.

Today’s area of focus? Shoulders!

The exercises in this workout are not all that difficult. However, they do require a bit of endurance. There’s no need to rush; go slow and focus on your form…the beautiful new “you” will begin to shine in no time!

So without further ado, here’s today’s workout.


Warm Up


Donkey Kicks (x2)



Time: 3 minutes

Repeat: 2x

Transition Time: 30 seconds

Time at End of Warm Up: 3:30


Station #1

10 Push Ups

20 Shoulder Taps (10 Per Shoulder)

30 Bus Drivers – Hold a dumbbell, weight plate, or heavy object straight out in front of you. Make sure one hand is gripping at 12:00 (top) and the other at 6:00 (bottom). Turn the object 180º, similar to how you would turn the wheel while driving a bus. Keep your arms locked straight out as you do this.

40 Quick Feet

Fitbody Bootcamp


Time: 3 minutes (3x)

Repeat: 3x

Transition Time: 1 minute

Time at End of Workout: 15:30


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