Workout of the Week: Lean Body for Life!

Lean Body for Life

Your legs will feel incredible. Your arms will feel stronger. Heck, your body will look and feel as lean as ever! Today’s full body workout is perfect for anyone looking to lean out for the holidays. Whether you need a workout to get back on track after Christmas dinner, or you want to make some […]

Workout of the Week: Sculpt That Upper Body!

Workout of the Week: Sculpt That Upper Body

Strong muscles make your upper body look sexy and amazing. Want some for yourself? Today’s upper body workout will chisel your arm and chest muscles to perfection. Don’t worry…we also mixed in some leg and core work, so you’ll feel the fat melt off in multiple places on your body! This workout is a freestyle […]

Workout of the Week: Crazy for Crunches

crunches crazy

What are Crunches? The crunch is an abdominal exercise that works abdominal muscles. Will doing crunches really give you washboard abs? By themselves, no. But by mixing in a few different exercises, you’ll be on the road to scoring that picture-perfect midsection! Reminder about crunches: it’s easy to cheat when doing them. Guarantee you get […]

Workout of the Week: Tank Top Tabata!

Tank Top Tabata

Are your arms tank top ready? If you want arms that look amazing without sleeves, then this tabata workout is exactly what you need! Not only do strong arms look good, but they also help you perform everyday movements, such as lifting heavy groceries or pushing a wheelchair. Put simply, strength makes life much easier […]

Workout of the Week: Bodyweight Business

Workout of the Week: Bodyweight Business

Get down with some bodyweight business! Today’s workout is made up of all bodyweight leg exercises. No dumbbells. No confusing machines. You just need yourself to get started! This is another freestyle time trial! Use your phone or a stopwatch to record how fast you can get through this workout. Rather than compete with others, […]

Workout of the Week: Tabata Around the World!

Tabata Around the World

Tabata, or not tabata…that is the question. Today’s tabata workout is a full body experience. You’ll start with some abs, then hit your arms, and finally work out your legs for a sweet 3-in-1 deal! Just a refresher: Tabata workouts feature 8 rounds of work per station. Each round is 20 seconds of maximum effort, […]

Workout of the Week: Long-Lasting Legs!

long lasting legs

Yes, you can age gracefully! That starts today, even if you’re in your twenties. The key is in strengthening your legs! Take the time to build strength in your legs and you’ll be on your feet for years to come. While all your friends are slowing down, you’ll still be hiking, biking, and walking circles […]

Workout of the Week: The Morning Body Burner

The Morning Body Burner

You know the drill: wake up, roll out of bed, and get your butt to work. Ok, if only it were that easy. Luckily, there’s a way to snap out of your groggy morning mood—it’s doing a full body workout! Activating your body in the morning does wonders for your metabolism and energy levels. After  […]

Workout of the Week: Old Exercise, New Tricks

push up to the limit

How do you make an old exercise relevant again? Push-ups, sit-ups—yeah you know how to do them, but they can get old in a hurry. How about spicing your exercise up a bit? Today you’ll be doing divebomber push-ups and straight leg sit-ups! Straight leg sit-ups are pretty straightforward, but what in the world are […]

Workout of the Week: Tabata Takeover!

dumbbell lateral raises

Let’s take over with some Tabata! Today we’re sharing another heart-pounding Tabata workout! You’re gonna work in 20-second intervals, then rest for 10 seconds. Since there are 8 rounds per station, each station is just shy of 4 minutes long! This one features an exercise called the “dumbbell single arm snatch.” Sound complicated? It’s not […]