Workout of the Week: Lasting Legs

Want legs that will last and not break down?

This workout is a great way to measure your leg strength and endurance. You’ll start out by doing 30 reps of each main exercise. The next round, you’ll do 20 reps of each, then 10, then 5.

If you can’t make it to the end, try to go as far as you can, then go a little further the next time you try it. If you can finish, record your time, then try to beat it next time.

Shape those legs and look amazing!


Warm Up

Jump Squats

High Knees

Mountain Climbers



Time: 2 minutes

Repeat: 2x

Transition Time: 30 seconds

Time at End of Warm Up: 2:30


Exercise #1

Sumo Squat Press – Keep a wide stance and your hands clenched at your chest. Squat, keeping your elbows inside of your thighs. Press dumbbells straight up as you rise up.


Exercise #2Fitbody Bootcamp

Jackknife Sit Ups (1 per side) – Lie flat on your back, with your arms extended behind you. Lift one legs up (without bending it), use your abs to pull you up, and touch your toes with the opposite hand.


Exercise #3

Upright Rows – Keep dumbbells dangling straight down and parallel to the front of your thighs. Pull them up, then lower them down.


Exercise #4

Leg Lifts


Exercise #5

Squats + Lateral Raises


Time: Will Vary

Repeat: 3x (R1) 30 / R2) 20 / R3) 10 / R4) 5)

Transition Time: N/A

Time at End of Workout: Will Vary


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