How to Improve Your Balance

How to Improve Your Balance

Don’t you want to be able to stand up straight when you’re 100? Then you should start working on your balance right away! Think about those times you’ve tried to walk down the aisle of a plane or edged your way to the end of a diving board. It’s not fun to imagine what those […]

3 Practical Ways to Relax in the Heat of the Moment

how to keep your cool

Anger is not dangerous. It’s not until that anger is expressed in the form of slander, punches, and hatred that it can really hurt people. But sometimes life gets heated, tensions flare, and emotions start to spiral. One of the best skills  you can learn is to deescalate your anger and respond calmly. So how […]

Quiz: What Type of Workout Is Best for You?

what type of workout

—– Scroll to the bottom of the page ONLY after you finish the quiz! —– Take the guesswork out of picking a workout. Today we have a simple quiz for you to see which type of workout matches you best. While this quiz isn’t the end all, be all, it is a helpful place to […]

Food Hacks to Make Your Food Healthier

lemon juice chicken

Strapped on a budget? Don’t have any healthy snacks left in the cabinet? No sweat—it’s time to get creative! We have a few simple hacks you can use to make your favorite foods a lot healthier. Better yet, they don’t require much prep work to make! What are your favorite food hacks? Let us know […]

Motivation Monday: Be a Healthy Role Model

healthy role model

You inspire more people than you think. I’m not talking about that “rah-rah” pep talk sort of inspiration. This is even more powerful than that. Understand that your actions influence others much more than your words do, whether you’re a parent, an older brother or sister, a teacher, a CEO, or just a normal person. […]

Motivation Monday: Momentum Mondays!


Did you wake up excited for today? Most people groan and stumble their way out of bed on Mondays. They go to work sad that the weekend is over. After reading this, you’ll be the exact opposite—pumped to start the week off right. You’ll realize that Monday is the key to higher income, better opportunities, […]

How Fit Body Boot Camp Makes Losing Weight Simple

fit body makes it easy

Ever been on a slip-n-slide? A slip-n-slide is this long, smooth runway you place on the grass. You soak the runway with water and slide on top of it. Without water, you only slide a couple of feet. But with water, you glide all way to the end with ease. Think of Fit Body Boot […]

Motivation Monday: You Are Greater Than Your Doubts

workout of the week full body burn

We’re starting a new segment! Every Monday, we’ll be sharing a new “Motivation Monday” post! This is a quick word of motivation to help you dominate your week. Why? Well, we can give you all the fitness tips in the world, but they mean nothing without the right inspiration. You can stack as many logs […]

3 Ways to Lower Your Anxiety in No Time

Lower Your Anxiety in No Time

There’s nervous. There’s scared. And then, there’s anxious. Anxiety is a high-intensity form of stress. When it hits someone, the world feels like it’s collapsing around them. They feel helpless. It doesn’t have to be this way. Here are 3 ways you can stop worrying and quickly alleviate your anxiety.

Is Your Health Worth Your Money?

spending cash

That question is harder to answer than you think. People love to tell others how important health and fitness are, yet when they go to the grocery store and see the healthy food prices marked up, or they have to pay a little extra for that premier training session, they suddenly second-guess themselves… “Am I […]