How to Improve Your Posture

How to Improve Your Posture

There’s one way you can ooze confidence without even saying a word… Great posture. Good posture can increase you authority and respect, whether you’re leading a meeting in the boardroom or your at home parenting your kids. It’s also much easier on your spine. Here are a few simple ways to improve your posture in […]

Can’t Get Fit? Take a Look at Your Habits

habit changes

Do you have short-term vision or long-term vision? What does that even mean? And no, I’m not talking about your eyes… See, you can look at your health from either a short-term perspective or a long-term perspective. The short-term perspective doesn’t look at your health as a whole and only focuses on addressing your problems […]

Help! Which Diet Should I Follow?

diet layout

Another day, another diet… These days, weight-loss aspirers are easily confused by the different diets on the market. Paleo, intermittent fasting, keto, etc—they all claim to be the best, but which should you actually follow? The answer isn’t as sexy as the diets mentioned above, but it’s true nonetheless…

How to Love Yourself Up…and Why Your Health Depends on It.


Here’s something that might throw you for a loop… Your diet, your workouts, your caloric intake, your macros…as important as all of those are to your health, none of them are more important than your mindset… Basically, your work ethic and habits will both improve when your mindset is in the right place. So what’s […]

On a Diet? This Word Is Your Most Powerful Tool

say no stay healthy

“No.” That’s your most powerful weapon against unhealthy foods, against missed workout days, against anything that can derail your health. If you take one thing away from this blog, let it be this: it’s ok to say no. That’s not always easy, but it is effective. Especially if you want to see results from your […]

What Do You REALLY Get Out of Being Healthy?

why get fit

There’s a better way to look at your health. See, when it comes to dieting and exercise, a lot of people tend to focus on what they sacrifice rather than what they get out of it. They don’t realize that your health is the best gift you can give yourself. Trust me, if people actually […]

How to Teach Nutrition to Your Kids

kid nutrition

Nutrition is one of the best gifts you could ever give your kids. Just think: the healthier your kids are, the longer they’ll live, and the more of life they’ll be able to experience. So how do we inspire the next generation to really care about their health? I have a simple trick up my […]

How to Enjoy Valentine’s Day Sweet Treats Without Destroying Your Diet

How to Enjoy Valentine's Day Sweet Treats Without Destroying Your Diet

Ahhh, Valentine’s Day. A day to celebrate the love you have for your S.O, friends, family, coworkers, and even your furry companions. It’s also the time of year where every grocery store in town is shoving milk chocolate, pink cupcakes, and wine in your face. You’ve been working so hard to stick with your diet…and […]

Are Naps Good for You?

nap time

You’re eyelids feel like anvils. You can barely stay awake. Soooo…should you take a nap or nah? Today we wanted to give you a few pros and cons of one of man’s favorite pastimes—napping.

The Top 3 Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

lemon water

When you go to a restaurant, do you pluck the lemon slice out of your water or leave it in to soak up the citrusy goodness? If you’re in the former category, you may want to rethink that choice. Turns out, lemon water actually has super healthy benefits for your body! Who would’ve thought putting […]