Motivation Monday: Be a Healthy Role Model

You inspire more people than you think.

I’m not talking about that “rah-rah” pep talk sort of inspiration. This is even more powerful than that.

Understand that your actions influence others much more than your words do, whether you’re a parent, an older brother or sister, a teacher, a CEO, or just a normal person. In fact, you’re not normal at all—you’re a role model!

Ok, that’s cool. But how do you use your actions to motivate people to live healthier?

You Live Intentionally!

Go out of your way to live healthy. Why?

When we don’t know something, we tend to study what others do to get an idea of what we should do. That’s because your actions can subconsciously affect how people view theirs.

Let’s use an example to illustrate this.

If someone only purchases unhealthy foods from the grocery store, their kids won’t understand the importance of eating healthy.

But if you cook healthy meals throughout the week using organic ingredients, if you buy non-processed snacks, and if you keep the really unhealthy meals few and far between, then your kids will value eating healthy much more.Fitbody Bootcamp

What if you choose to order your sandwich protein-style (no buns)? Maybe the person at the table next to you sees this and thinks, “Hey, maybe eating healthy isn’t that hard!”

The same applies to fitness. If you exercise regularly, your kids will too. Show them why it’s important to keep their body in shape.

You are already a role model. The question now is whether you’ll be a healthy role model. Use your power for good!


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