3 Practical Ways to Relax in the Heat of the Moment

Anger is not dangerous.

It’s not until that anger is expressed in the form of slander, punches, and hatred that it can really hurt people.

But sometimes life gets heated, tensions flare, and emotions start to spiral.

One of the best skills  you can learn is to deescalate your anger and respond calmly. So how do you relax in the heat of the moment?


Walk Away from the Situation

If you feel your emotions getting the better of you, sometimes it’s best to remove yourself from the situation entirely.

Walk away and destress. Get your mind off the tension. Pick a change of environment.

While walking away won’t solve the issue at hand, it gives you enough time to collect yourself and respond.

If you can’t leave the situation, try to talk to someone different or engage in another activity to get your mind off things.


Repeat Your Values

What happens when a confrontation turns ugly? Or a fun joke battle turns into personal insults?

That’s when people become so consumed by their need for revenge that they forget what’s most important: their values.

Know your ideals. Memorize them. Have them on the tip of your tongue. Simply repeating that you “hate to hurt others” or that you “love people despite their flaws” to yourself can remind you that a small disagreement doesn’t really matter in the long run.


Loosen Up Your Body

How does the body feel when it’s stressed out? Tight and uncomfortable, right?

If you have a second, try to loosen up your body. Shake out your shoulders, take a deep breath, and release your body from any strain it’s experiencing.

It’s a small thing, but it can make you feel a lot better.

Just think about this. After a stressful day at work, what’s the first thing you want to do? Probably lie down and rest.

Once you relax your body, your mind will follow suit.

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