Motivation Monday: You Are Greater Than Your Doubts

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Every Monday, we’ll be sharing a new “Motivation Monday” post! This is a quick word of motivation to help you dominate your week.

Why? Well, we can give you all the fitness tips in the world, but they mean nothing without the right inspiration. You can stack as many logs as you want, but they can’t ignite a warm fire without a lighter.

So…you ready for today’s topic? Let’s talk about the rugged journey that is weight loss, and why there’s no reason to fear it.

How to Battle Self-Doubts IN the Gym

Meet Ari.

Ari hates the gym. Like, HATES it.

But what she hates the most is the way she feels while she’s there.

“Everybody is staring at me!”

“I look so stupid right now.”

“Everyone else can do so much more than I can.”

That judging voice inside of Ari’s head should be long gone by now. But all of Ari’s self-doubts and insecurities over the years gave that voice a megaphone and a platform…Fitbody Bootcamp

But Ari’s already in the gym. She’s working out and working hard. She’s doing everything right!

How can she squash that annoying voice that won’t leave her alone?

Remember this: Your journey is your journey.

You are entitled to go at your pace. Not everyone else’s. What works for them might not work for you.

When you hear those negative thoughts coming, reframe them into affirming beliefs.

“Hey, I’m about to look amazing!”

“I trust my progress! It will come as long as I work hard and eat right.”

You’re in the gym. You’re already doing more than most people. Believe in yourself and finish strong—you’ll feel amazing when you do.

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