Quiz: What Type of Workout Is Best for You?

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Take the guesswork out of picking a workout.

Today we have a simple quiz for you to see which type of workout matches you best. While this quiz isn’t the end all, be all, it is a helpful place to start when looking to get in shape!

Below are 4 multiple-choice questions. Answer them as truthfully as you can, then scroll to the bottom of the page to check out your results!



1) Which of the following describes your workout style?

a) You love full body workouts because you like to get a taste of different exercises.

b) You like to work out in short, explosive spurts.

c) You like to focus on two or three exercises per workout.

d) You love to work out with someone else.


2) What kind of workout do you want to get in today?

a) One with a ton of equipment.

b) One that pits you against the clock.

c) One that challenges you to do a certain number of reps.

d) One with an emphasis on teamwork.


3) When you’re at the gym, you…

a) Love to switch between exercises to stay on your toes.

b) Frequently alternate your rest and work periods.

c) Like to scale my reps.

d) Rely on a friend to get me going.


4) Which of the following best describes how you’d like to feel when working out?

a) Motivated

b) Pushed

c) Focused

d) Encouraged


Now add up your score! Every a) is 20 points, b) is 10 points, c) is 5 points, and d) is 1 point.


4-12: You’re ready for a partner workout! Grab a buddy and try some exercises you can do together, like tossing a medicine ball back and forth.

13-30: You’re in for an 11-rep round! Pick 2 exercises, then start of by doing 1 rep of one exercise and 10 reps of the other. Then, increase the first exercise reps to 2 and decrease the other to 9. Continue that pattern until you’re at 10|1.

31-60: Time to Tabata! You’ll complete 8 rounds for every exercise you do (20 seconds of work, then 10 seconds of rest).Fitbody Bootcamp

61-80: You’re in for a 4-station rotation workout! Use dumbbells, sliders, medicine balls, and whatever else you have to rotate between 4 workout stations.



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