Motivation Monday: Momentum Mondays!

Did you wake up excited for today?

Most people groan and stumble their way out of bed on Mondays. They go to work sad that the weekend is over.

After reading this, you’ll be the exact opposite—pumped to start the week off right. You’ll realize that Monday is the key to higher income, better opportunities, and a more positive mindset!

Let’s see how you can kickstart your momentum for the rest of the week!


Defeat Monday and the Rest Is Downhill!

Think about how you’ll feel after getting the most out of your Monday.

Your productivity makes the workload for the rest of the week lighter. That results in less stress, more momentum, and more happiness.

Awesome, right?Fitbody Bootcamp

So if you feel like missing your Monday workout because your weekend was busy, don’t. Push through and know that you’re building your resilience.

And why not come to work and get through as many projects and emails as you can?

And why not meal prep for the rest of the week so you can dial in your nutrition?

That feeling of accomplishment is addicting. You’ll crave more of it when you get things done, which leads to building healthy habits—whether you’re working out or running errands.

Attack your Mondays. While everyone else dreads Mondays, you’ll be busy crushing them and getting closer to your goals.


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