How to Improve Your Balance

Don’t you want to be able to stand up straight when you’re 100? Then you should start working on your balance right away!

Think about those times you’ve tried to walk down the aisle of a plane or edged your way to the end of a diving board. It’s not fun to imagine what those scenarios would be like if you didn’t have balance.

We often forget about our balance, but we use it more than we realize. Let’s see what practical exercises you can do to stabilize your equilibrium.


Flamingo Stretches

The classic. Hold back one of your legs and balance on the other foot, then switch. This forces you to strengthen your balance on each leg separately.

Try to perform this stretch while moving as little as possible. One tip is to pick something in the distance and focus your eyes on it while you stand on one leg.


Core ExercisesFitbody Bootcamp

Your core is the key to balance. A strong core allows you to keep your body in a stable position for long periods of time.

To test this out, try to balance on a platform of some sort. You’ll probably feel the burn in two areas: your core and your legs (more on legs in a bit).

You can do sit ups, crunches, and other ab exercises to burn your core into shape. That way, it will support your weight when you’re trying to hold still and balance.


Leg Exercises

Of course, you’ll also need to strengthen your legs to hold yourself up. The more stable your legs are, the more you’ll be able to balance.

One exercise that’s great for this is squats. Squats strengthen your leg muscles, and you have to balance if you want to do them with proper form.

You can also do the leg press or calf raises to strengthen different regions of the leg—whatever it takes to build each one for ultimate balance!


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