Food Hacks to Make Your Food Healthier

Strapped on a budget? Don’t have any healthy snacks left in the cabinet?

No sweat—it’s time to get creative!

We have a few simple hacks you can use to make your favorite foods a lot healthier. Better yet, they don’t require much prep work to make!

What are your favorite food hacks? Let us know in the comments below!


The Hacked Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Why not also make it one of your healthiest?

Substitute your eggs for egg whites, and your bacon for turkey bacon. Also, make sure you get potatoes mixed with veggies (not just hashbrowns). Try to skip the sausage if you can!

One more tip: less grease, healthier feast!


Zucchini Pasta

This one’s a classic.

Pasta is tasty, but it’s also heavy on carbs. Is there a way to axe the carbs and keep the taste?

Yes there is! It’s…zucchini! Fitbody Bootcamp

Just peel a zucchini into the shape of noodles. You’ll be pleasantly at how well this actually works as a healthy substitute to pasta.

Click here to explore some of our favorite zucchini pasta recipes.


Add Lemon

Some people find water bland. Others feel the same way about salmon or chicken.

Lemon is one of the easiest (and healthiest) ways to add a little kick to your meal.

You can sprinkle lemon juice on proteins, veggies, pastas, and more. The tart taste of the lemon goes well with those dishes.


Craving more food hacks? Click here to listen to Beyond the Scale, the official podcast of Fit Body Boot Camp, for some extra dieting tips.


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