3 Warm-Up Exercises to Start off Your Workout

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Warm-up exercises might be the most neglected part of fitness. People usually just want to jump right into their workouts. Of course, not only does that increase their risk of injury, but it keeps their body tight and reduces the effectiveness of the workout. Warm ups get the heart pumping, they loosen up your muscles […]

3 Easy Dumbbell Exercises You Can Do At Home

Dumbbell Exercises You Can Do At Home

If you’re serious about weight loss, then I need you to do one thing for me… Go out and buy yourself a pair of dumbbells! Dumbbell exercises develop strength in your arms and shoulders. No machines or excessively bulky equipment needed. Heck, you could work out with dumbbells in your kitchen if you wanted to! […]

Motivation Monday: Don’t Trust the Scale!

Motivation Monday: Don't Trust the Scale

Hey you! We’re back for another Motivation Monday! Today’s post is about the scale—the scariest machine in fitness. That is, unless you don’t give that scale any power… Your happiness means so much more than a single number. What’s your greatest non-scale victory? Share below in the comments!

Are You Maximizing Your Workouts?

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Every time you hit the gym, you have the opportunity to change your life. Need energy? Exercise can make you a consistent high performer. Want muscles? Working out can sculpt your body until you look statuesque. What about confidence? You’ll leave the gym feeling like the sexiest woman alive. So when you’re at the gym, […]

When Should You Come Back from an Injury?

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Bum ankles. Red bruises. Ripped muscles. Injuries suck—they can sideline someone for days, weeks, or months. But with the right mindset, you can bounce back in no time! But before you get back to ab crunching and muscle toning, make sure your body is ready to go! Here’s what you should check for before you […]

Always in a Rush? Read This Before You Hit the Gym

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“Be quick, don’t hurry.” That profound quote comes from none other than legendary basketball coach John Wooden. He’s famous for the life lessons he’d often share with his players. This quote’s easy to understand: don’t rush, but still be fast. In the spirit of this quote, here are 3 ways that rushing fitness backfires big […]

3 Characteristics of a High Energy Workout

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What goes hand in hand with fitness? Energy. And lots of it! When you work out in a fun and energetic environment, you’re bound to see awesome results. But how do you find that type of personal training? Here are 3 things you’ll notice in any positive, high energy workout environment.

The Lost Art That You Should Master to Lose Weight…

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The Internet might be your biggest opponent in your weight loss journey. Why? Things can get really confusing when you look for health tips on the Internet. One blog might tell you to eat your weight in calories, while the next might recommend you slash your calories by a significant amount. The next thing you […]

If You’re One of These 3 People, You NEED to Check out Fit Body

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Everyone has different fitness needs. Some people train for marathons and need a cardio-heavy fitness plan. Others want to look like gods or goddesses in the flesh, so they focus on weightlifting. At Fit Body, we’re proud to offer flexible training that works for a wide range of people. Here are 3 of the most […]

Does Strength Really Matter?

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What’s the first image that comes to mind when you think about strength? You probably think about some muscle-bound titan pushing plate after plate at the bench press station. Perhaps you think of those superhero-looking bodybuilders that strut their stuff on the beach. When you think like that, it’s easy to see no need for […]