3 Warm-Up Exercises to Start off Your Workout

Warm-up exercises might be the most neglected part of fitness.

People usually just want to jump right into their workouts. Of course, not only does that increase their risk of injury, but it keeps their body tight and reduces the effectiveness of the workout.

Warm ups get the heart pumping, they loosen up your muscles for performance, and they reduce your risk of injury.

So how do you warm up properly? Here are a few exercises you can do before you hop into your main routine.


Mountain Climbers

This is a great way to fit in a little cardio before your main workout.

Start in the push-up position. Drive your right leg forward to your chest, remaining in the push-up position. As you slide that leg back to its starting position, drive your other leg to your chest. Try to maintain a steady pace.



Here’s one that’s sure to stretch your body out! Fitbody Bootcamp

Start upright. Without bending your legs, begin to stretch your hands down to your toes. Once you’re dangling down, crawl out on your fingers, keeping your legs locked in place and straight. Inch out until you can go no further, hold your position for a second, and inch your way back into the upright standing position.



This one will get your quads burning—without burning you out.

Start upright. Squat down, keeping your back straight and your heels on the ground. Keep your hands out in front of you as you do this. Stand back up and repeat.


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