Motivation Monday: Don’t Trust the Scale!

Hey you! We’re back for another Motivation Monday!

Today’s post is about the scale—the scariest machine in fitness. That is, unless you don’t give that scale any power…

Your happiness means so much more than a single number.

What’s your greatest non-scale victory? Share below in the comments!

That Scale’s Got Nothing on You!

After a week of consistent workouts and healthy eating, Lauren hops on the scale. She feels confident that this will be the big moment she’s been waiting for, the one where she see looks down and cries for joy.

Instead, it says she only lost 1 lb.

How could that be? She did everything she could to lose weight, and it still wasn’t enough?

Lauren now feels like the entire week was pointless. Why put in the work when  she isn’t losing weight.Fitbody Bootcamp

Our advice to Lauren? Throw out that scale!

The scale is deceiving. It doesn’t tell the whole story.

If Lauren didn’t hop on the scale, here’s what she would have focused on instead…

  • How she hasn’t felt this good in a long time
  • How she’s had plenty of energy left to play with her kids after work
  • How she can now carry twice as many groceries as she could 3 weeks ago

These are your non-scale victories—the victories that don’t show up on the scale. But they’re even more important because they reveal how much fitness improves your quality of life—even over the span of one week.

And if you still want to track your fitness progress, remember that weight is not the only factor at play. Body fat %, muscle %, and waistline are all indicators of your health, just like the lbs on the scale.

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