When Should You Come Back from an Injury?

Bum ankles. Red bruises. Ripped muscles.

Injuries suck—they can sideline someone for days, weeks, or months. But with the right mindset, you can bounce back in no time!

But before you get back to ab crunching and muscle toning, make sure your body is ready to go!

Here’s what you should check for before you return to the gym.



Let’s say you dislocate your right shoulder.

If you want to lift kettlebells and throw medicine balls, you have to make sure your shoulder has full range of motion.

So when you recover, make sure you slowly push your range of motion. Slowly is the key word here; you don’t want to injure yourself even more by rushing your recovery!


Pain vs Soreness

What’s the difference?Fitbody Bootcamp

Soreness is the aching you feel after a tough workout, while pain is a sharper feeling of discomfort—and usually signals that something is off with the body.

Before you return to the gym, make sure you no longer feel any injury-related pain.

Say you work out your shoulder for the first time in a long time. If you feel general soreness, that’s normal. If you still feel pain, that might mean your shoulder isn’t yet fully healed.



Mindset is the lesser-discussed side of injury. When someone gets injured, it’s only natural for them to wonder, “How much will this injury hold me back?”

A positive mindset is absolutely crucial during recovery. Just remember…

You can fully recover (100%) from most injuries!

Just know that no matter what happens, you can always find a way to exercise and live healthy. That’s in your control!


Fortunately, Fit Body Boot Camp workouts are supervised by trained professionals, and the workouts themselves are safe. You can go at your own pace, perfect your form, and avoid serious injury! We even modify workouts, if needed. Click here to claim your 3 free workouts today!

Note: Recovery length varies based on injury. Always consult a doctor for a detailed injury diagnosis.

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