Always in a Rush? Read This Before You Hit the Gym

“Be quick, don’t hurry.”

That profound quote comes from none other than legendary basketball coach John Wooden. He’s famous for the life lessons he’d often share with his players.

This quote’s easy to understand: don’t rush, but still be fast.

In the spirit of this quote, here are 3 ways that rushing fitness backfires big time.


Bad Form

Exercise is NOT a race! Take your time and perfect your form.

Rushing induces bad form, and bad form can lead to injuries and wasted reps. But when you take your time, feel the burn, and push through, you’ll get the most out of every set.

Fit Body Boot Camp specializes in HIIT workouts that allow you to go at your own pace, so you won’t feel pressured to keep up with anyone but yourself!


Unrealistic TimelinesFitbody Bootcamp

You might have that friend that finally wants to lose weight and get fit. And at first, they’re pumped. They practically live in the gym, and their diet is as green as it gets.

But after a few weeks, they burn out.

Your focus early on shouldn’t be on working out or dieting the most. The weight will fall off eventually. Just build the habit of going to the gym and eating right, for a realistic number of times per week!


Inefficient Methods

Eager to learn more about fitness and health? Great!

You might be tempted to hop on the newest “fat-crushing” diet or workout. But before you start anything, ask yourself, “Is this the right workout for me?”

For example, if someone wants to add muscle but all they do are weight-loss workouts, they might miss out on the heavy resistance training they need to pack on that extra muscle.

This is okay as long as you course correct along the way. If your workout isn’t doing it for you, pinpoint what you can improve on and make any necessary changes.


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