3 Characteristics of a High Energy Workout

What goes hand in hand with fitness?

Energy. And lots of it!

When you work out in a fun and energetic environment, you’re bound to see awesome results. But how do you find that type of personal training?

Here are 3 things you’ll notice in any positive, high energy workout environment.



Great coaches show genuine appreciation toward their clients.

When you’re trying to lose weight, encouragement is super powerful. Hearing words of appreciation can get you through those moments when you lack motivation.

Any positive gym includes coaches and clients that are there for you when you need them. That’s what people love about Fit Body—you really do become family with the people you train with!



Is your coach passionate about fitness?

It’s a simple, yet important, question. Here’s the difference:

An indifferent coach works for a paycheck. They clock in and out and go through the motions.

A passionate coach works to change lives. They give each of their clients the personalized attention they need to see results. They’ll go above and beyond the call of duty to alter workouts and craft meal plans for you.

When you’re passionate about something, you study it and immerse yourself in it. Coaches that love fitness are often the most knowledgable because they understand the science behind fat loss.

Simply put, find a coach that loves their job.



Finally, your workout environment needs energy!Fitbody Bootcamp

Let’s take your average Fit Body Boot Camp, for example…

You’ll see our coaches make eye contact with each client. They project their voices so everyone can hear them clearly.

Meanwhile, music blares from the speakers to give you an added adrenaline rush. The people next to you give everything they have to get the most out of the workout.

THAT’S an inspiring setting. THAT’s where you want to work out at!


Fit Body checks all of these boxes! Click here to find a location near you.


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