How to Love Yourself Up…and Why Your Health Depends on It.

Here’s something that might throw you for a loop…

Your diet, your workouts, your caloric intake, your macros…as important as all of those are to your health, none of them are more important than your mindset

Basically, your work ethic and habits will both improve when your mindset is in the right place.

So what’s the secret to a positive mindset? It’s to love yourself! That starts with the simple things…


Get a Massage

Want to feel as light as a feather?

A massage won’t just untangle those knots under your skin, but it will also lower your stress levels.

Massages are a great way to feel younger and show yourself a little appreciation. After all, you want to keep your body loose so you can have maximum flexibility when you work out.


Handle the Setbacks

Yes, we all have those days when we eat something we shouldn’t have or we skip a day at the gym. It’s how you respond mentally that determines your success moving forward.Fitbody Bootcamp

Be real with yourself! Admit that you messed up, but don’t put yourself down for it. It happens. Health and fitness are long-term games…one meal or missed session won’t kill you.

When you think like that, you won’t let anything stop you from getting that body you deserve.


Positive Association

Whenever you work out, or eat healthy, or do anything that could be considered “healthy,” make it as enjoyable as possible.

Let’s say you finish a really hard workout. You might feel like quitting because of how difficult it was to get through.

But what if you replace those doubts with thoughts like: “I’m fierce because I finished that.” or “I took a huge step towards my goals today.”

You make the workout a positive experience. That will help you hit stay consistent with your workouts regardless of how you feel.

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