Are Naps Good for You?

Fitbody BootcampYou’re eyelids feel like anvils. You can barely stay awake.

Soooo…should you take a nap or nah?

Today we wanted to give you a few pros and cons of one of man’s favorite pastimes—napping.

Some argue that naps are completely counterproductive. However, you might also recall having “nap time” back in pre-school or kindergarten. Spain even carves out a siesta time during the day when people across the country take a midday nap.

Here’s our quick pros vs. cons guide to napping.




  • If you’re tired, napping can provide you with a much-needed energy boost.
  • Naps can rob you of sleep that you could get later on at night.
  • Your brain needs rest! Sleep helps you recharge your mental batteries.
  • Your mind goes through stages of consciousness as it falls into deeper sleep. Naps diminish the quality of your sleep.
  • If you’re sick, your body needs to rest. Naps can help you recover quickly.
  • It’s hard to nap for the right amount of time. Napping for too long can leave you feeling even worse when you wake up.

Our verdict? Naps aren’t always the best, but they do come in handy when your body needs a reset.

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