Can’t Get Fit? Take a Look at Your Habits

Do you have short-term vision or long-term vision?

What does that even mean? And no, I’m not talking about your eyes…

See, you can look at your health from either a short-term perspective or a long-term perspective.

The short-term perspective doesn’t look at your health as a whole and only focuses on addressing your problems at hand. Say you want to lose weight quickly; you might resort to dieting pills, surgery, or lap bands to shed pounds quickly.

These solutions don’t stick…they only work for a short period of time.

The long-term perspective is harder to stick with but more rewarding in the end. It’s when you recognize that your dieting and fitness habits are really a reflection of how you live the rest of your life.

Here’s the thing:

When you change your lifestyle, it flows into every part of your life, and it lasts longer.

Most people struggle to lose weight because they have bad eating habits, they sleep poorly, or they struggle with self-image.

Those are deep problems that are usually not restricted to just fitness…

If they struggle with bad eating habits, they might also have bad study habits, bad exercise habits—bad habits in general. The root of the problem isn’t just their eating patterns; it’s their habit-building.

Teach yourself how to replace your bad habits with good ones. You’ll notice a difference in every aspect of your life! Fitbody Bootcamp

Let’s say Adam has trouble being on time. He’s late to everything—including his workouts.

When he looks deeper into his mindset, he realizes that he always underestimates how much time it takes to get to where he’s going.

All he needs is a mindset change. Once he prioritizes timeliness and gets used to arriving early, he’ll reap the benefits—both in fitness and in life.

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