How to Enjoy Valentine’s Day Sweet Treats Without Destroying Your Diet

Ahhh, Valentine’s Day.

A day to celebrate the love you have for your S.O, friends, family, coworkers, and even your furry companions.

It’s also the time of year where every grocery store in town is shoving milk chocolate, pink cupcakes, and wine in your face.

You’ve been working so hard to stick with your diet…and you feel the temptation taking over.

Good news, we’re here to help!

Today we’re talking about how you can splurge on the sweet stuff this V-Day and not feel guilty about it the next morning.

Start Planning Ahead

If you know you’re going to be celebrating V-day with more sweet and salty foods than normal, use the week leading up to the big day to eat leaner meals.

a group of women working out and getting ready for valentine's day sweet treats

You can also try increasing the intensity of your workouts to offset those extra calories you’ll be taking in. Even just an extra 30 minutes of cardio can do the trick.

By working out harder and eating lighter meals, you’ll feel more comfortable letting loose with your diet. Remember, it’s okay to enjoy food of all kinds in moderation.

Why Go Out? Cook at Home

Whether you’re celebrating with your gals or your partner, cooking at home is a fun way to save calories and enjoy company.

When you cook at home, you know what ingredients are going into your food, making it easier to track your nutrition.

Plus, you’ll avoid the hectic crowds and long wait times at restaurants.

Swap the Candy for Fruit

You know what they say, “fruit is nature’s candy”.

sweet dark chocolate strawberries to share with your valentine

Some fresh strawberries are a perfectly festive sweet treat to enjoy with your loved ones. For some extra decadence, you can make a dark chocolate fondue and dip your favorite fruits in it.

Have a happy Valentine’s Day! We love and appreciate our FBBC family! ❤

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