Workout of the Week: Commit to the Core!

core crusher

Looking to tighten your core? This one’s perfect for you six-pack ab chasers out there! Today’s workout is a 45/15 station rotation! It’s easy. 45 seconds of working out, then 15 seconds of rest. Let’s be real for a second: everyone wants a six pack. But how many people really know how to get one? […]

Workout of the Week: Electric Exercise

dumbbell electric exercise

Time to pump some electricity into your workout! This one’s for the dumbbell fans out there. Your arms are gonna get an intense workout, along with the rest of the body! You’re in for a 2 station freestyle workout. You’ll burn calories at the battle rope station and suspension station before you hit the dumbbells […]

Workout of the Week: Dynamic Fitness

dynamic fitness

Wanna feel like a certified boss? Get through this workout and you’ll look and feel like one! This dynamic fitness workout burns calories like crazy—all because of how fast-paced this workout is. You’ll quickly switch off from one exercise to the next, so this workout will really test your endurance. How should you pace yourself […]

Workout of the Week: The Single Leg Shredder!

single leg workout

Make leg day your best day! This week, we took a couple of classic leg exercises, along with a couple of less-common exercises, and crafted an amazing leg burn. You’ll Tabata your way to a hot new pair of legs in no time! As I mentioned above, this is a Tabata workout, so at each […]

Workout of the Week: Arms Like Crazy!

arm strength

Looking to build some sexy strong arms? Well, you came to the right place! There are only 3 exercises included in this week’s workout, but each of them will sculpt your arm muscles to toned perfection. And what better time to rock some new muscles than spring, when you can finally wear all those short […]

Workout of the Week: The Burpee Challenger

The Burpee Challenger

Who’s up for another round of burpees? Today’s full body workout includes the chest press, arm waves, renegade rows, and more, but there’s a catch. Every single station ends with a set of burpees! There’s a reason why personal trainers love burpees. They’re basically push-ups and plyometrics mixed together, so you’ll feel the burn and […]

Workout of the Week: Flat Tummy Toner

Workout of the Week: Flat Tummy Toner

It’s about time you reward yourself a little… This tummy toner exercise is the first step to flatter, sexier abs. But there’s more to it than that… When you look good, you feel good. You radiate confidence and happiness. That’s a feeling you should carry with you everywhere you go. That’s why this workout is […]

Workout of the Week: The Lower Body Level-Up

lower body level up

Need a fresh lower body workout? The “Lower Body Level-Up” is a powerful workout for your legs. And boy do you use your legs… Think about the last time you were at an amusement park all day. That’s a lot of walking, right? Or when you walked your dogs? We use our legs much more […]

Workout of the Week: Stretch and Squat!

stretch and squat

Squat, drop, and stretch your way to an amazing new body! You want a workout that will shape your glutes? One that will carve your abs? What about one that will add some definition to your arms? This full body workout does all of that and more. This one’s a little different than normal. It’s […]

Workout of the Week: Muscle Salute

ab muscle

It’s February, but it’s never too early to work on your summer bod! You want rock-solid abs that show off your skinny tummy? Check. Trying to add extra muscle so you can rock the beach in that new bikini? Yep, check. This “Muscle Salute” workout features plenty of ab-ripping exercises, arm-centric reps, and cardio to […]