How Do HIIT Workouts Affect Metabolism?

If you have spent countless hours routinely jogging on a treadmill or pedaling a bike without achieving the muscle gain or weight loss results you want, this article is for you. 

Studies have shown that HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) is an effective way to achieve fitness goals, improve body composition, promote weight loss, and enhance cardiovascular health. The high-intensity bursts of exercise followed by short periods of rest or low-intensity activity help to increase the metabolic rate, burn more calories, and improve oxygen consumption. 

What to Know About HIIT Workouts

As the name suggests, High-Intensity Interval Training is a quick and effective way of exercising. It alternates between bouts of maximum effort and intense activity with periods of less intense active recovery.

HIIT workouts have gained popularity and a huge following ever since the U.S. government recommended this short and rigorous training style in its guidelines on physical activity.

Now, new research is shedding light on how HIIT benefits the body and metabolism.

Lose Weight, Increase Strength

Doing pretty much any type of exercise will help you burn calories. However, when you turn up the intensity of your workout with HIIT, you see faster results.

Whether you’re an athlete, a weekend warrior, or just enjoy playing with your kids, HIIT training will improve your performance. Studies show that the effects of HIIT workouts preserve muscle mass while ensuring weight loss comes from accumulated body fat (not lean muscle). 

As confirmed by published research, a HIIT program produces fat loss, helps build muscle, and improves metabolic function.

Super Efficient

A major reason given for not exercising is the lack of time. However, High-Intensity Interval Training is a perfect fit in our constantly busy lifestyles. 

High-intensity activities provide the same health benefits as regular exercise, but in a shorter amount of time by helping increase calorie burn and reducing body fat.

No more excuses that you can’t fit exercise into your day! HIIT workouts can be accomplished in a fraction of the time of a traditional exercise class.

Supports Heart Health

A well-documented benefit of HIIT is cardio health. Medical researchers demonstrated that participants who did HIIT workouts saw improvement in their cardiorespiratory fitness after only four weeks of the regimen. 

Plus, a large amount of research indicates that this type of training can reduce heart rate and blood pressure.

Improves Your Metabolism

Two of the most significant advantages of HIIT are:

  1. It helps you burn fat faster
  2. It allows your body to burn more calories even after your workout is over

By doing anaerobic exercises (bursts of high-intensity movement), your heart pumps blood quickly, and your body burns calories faster. This helps not only in keeping the heart healthy but also kick-starting the metabolic processes.

How HIIT Workouts Impact Metabolism

The power of HIIT training elevates your metabolism…even hours after exercise. This is why so many people flock to HIIT training sessions. 

Often referred to as the afterburn effect, here’s how it works:

  • When you exercise at such an extreme level, your body expends and uses extra energy to recover. Otherwise known as EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption). It simply means that you consume more oxygen recovering from HIIT exercise than in a traditional workout.
  • EPOC also helps your body burn calories after you have finished training.
  • HIIT keeps you in an anaerobic zone after your session since there is minimal time for rest.
  • Doing high-intensity interval training (HIIT) not only helps in burning fat and preserving muscle, but it also triggers the body to produce more of the human growth hormone (HGH) by up to 450% in the 24-hour period after your workout. HGH is essential for cell regeneration and can also increase the number of calories you burn.

To achieve optimum advantages from a high-intensity training interval workout, turn to the professionals to optimize your training sessions and stay injury-free.

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