What is the cost of personal training vs. group training?

Working out alone can be intimidating. You may wonder if exercise classes or personal training can help you reach your goals, but the cost of fitness services may make you feel intimidated about taking that next step. Group training classes could offer you the support you need at a price that won’t break the bank. Here’s what you need to know about the costs and differences between personal training and group training. 

Different Types of Training Styles

Personal training consists of single or multiple one-on-one sessions with a certified personal trainer. These sessions can happen in a gym setting, outdoors, or at home. Some trainers may include specialized workouts or diet plans as part of the services offered.

Personal training can give you the one-on-one attention you desire. However, the average cost of a single session is $55 and up. Moreover, personal training often focuses on traditional weight room-style workouts. 

In comparison, a group training class includes two or more people and is led by an instructor. There are many different types of group training classes. And this workout style lets you get a great workout with a small group of people. 

HIIT, or High-Intensity Interval Training, is a fantastic group training option. These fast-paced workouts are perfect for burning calories and building lean muscle. HIIT classes focus on leading groups of participants through cardio and weight circuits in short bursts, followed by active rest periods to ignite the metabolism.

Fit Body Boot Camp classes are 30 minutes long and designed to target the metabolism to promote weight loss in a high-energy environment. The Active Rest Training time between exercises allows the body to recover while maintaining progress throughout the workout.

Benefits of Group Training

Our group personal training classes provide a more individualized experience beyond the standard group fitness class. Group training gives you the motivation and accountability you need to keep coming back. Regularly working out with friends can boost self-confidence and help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals faster. With a variety of morning, afternoon, and evening classes, it’s easy to find a class time that works for you.  

Get the One-On-One Attention You Need

Everyone has different fitness levels and goals. Communicating with your instructor is key to getting great results. Our coaches monitor each individual during group training sessions to adjust their workouts and talk through the exercises as needed. Other members receive the same treatment. With between 20 and 30 students per class and 2 or 3 instructors on hand at all times, you will have plenty of in-class support.

Group Training Classes are Structured for Success

Following a routine can be healthy and productive inside and outside the gym. Fit Body Boot Camp workouts are designed to help you feel stronger with every session. The best part is that each activity is only 30 minutes! There’s no need to spend hours on a treadmill wondering why you’re not seeing results. Our experienced instructors follow a proven structure that delivers calorie burn in a fun setting.

Cost-Effective Flexibility

Many fitness centers or personal trainers only offer a few classes or have limited availability. Fit Body Boot Camp provides a variety of class times throughout the day to fit your busy schedule. You can get real results in half the time as a traditional gym workout or personal training session. Find a  Fit Body Boot Camp near you to check your location’s class schedule. 

Group Classes Save Money

Fit Body Boot Camp offers monthly and yearly membership options at a fraction of the cost of personal training packages. Fit Body Boot Camp provides fun, fast, and results-oriented training that’s physically and financially sustainable. For the price of four personal training sessions, you could have a monthly membership to America’s fastest-growing fitness program. 

Affordable Group Training Near You

Our certified fitness coaches design workouts that every fitness level and body type can benefit from. Our members also receive easy-to-follow meal plans and nutrition services, giving you an easy, affordable way to meet your health and fitness goals. 

Fit Body Boot Camp gives you the benefits of personal training in a body-positive group environment. Fit Body Boot Camp could be right for you if you’re looking for an alternative to boring or expensive training options. Try our fitness classes and see how Fit Body Boot Camp can help you reach your goals. Our fun, cost-effective program has helped countless customers experience amazing fitness and weight loss results. 

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