What the Heck is the Afterburn, Anyway?

You may have heard us mention this mysterious medical phenomenon before. We talk about it during boot camp and we mention it on our website. But what does it really mean? What is this coveted Afterburn Effect and why is it so powerful?

Alright everyone, to really answer your question we’re going to have to get all science-y up in here but don’t worry, it will only be for a minute.

It’s less fun/more boring name is Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption, but that doesn’t make a great marketing slogan (Lose More Weight in Less Time with Our Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption Workouts!) so we just stick to Afterburn.

Post 31But it does have a solid scientific foundation. See, when you combine certain types of exercises and you increase the intensity of those workouts, you trigger this remarkable effect.

Essentially what happens is that in the hours following your workout your body will operate at an elevated metabolism. That means you burn more calories and you lose more weight in less time.

It’s like your body has this switch that goes between normal operation and hyperdrive and Fit Body Boot Camp workouts kick that switch all the way on.

So even if you go home and rest (as you should be doing, anyway) you’re still burning extra calories, even though your workout ended hours ago.

Post 36Alright, so how do we activate this effect? How does Fit Body Boot Camp flip this mysterious switch and burn off all that extra fat?

It has to do with the types of workouts our trainers teach. When you combine resistance training with cardio and you time intensity with rest at all the right intervals, you’ll trigger the effect. (That’s why it’s so important to NOT rest between sets until your trainer says so. Just don’t hurt yourself, ok?)

We design each of our workouts so that they adhere to this formula and trigger the effects. That’s right, your trainers aren’t just coming up with this stuff off the tops of their heads. There are actually professionals here at the HQ that create a different workout for every day. And every one of those workouts triggers the Afterburn.

And we aren’t talking a few measly calories here, either. The Afterburn effect can increase the amount of calories burned from one workout by hundreds. That’s whole slices of pizza or entire cheeseburgers you’re burning off while you sit and watch TV! (Not that you’re eating that kind of junk, anyway, right?)

Post 43The Afterburn Effect is just one of many reasons why Fit Body Boot Camp is so effective, but it’s a major element of what we do here. It does get a bit more technical, as far as how to activate the effect and what kinds of workouts make it happen, but what’s so great about OUR program is that you don’t need to worry about any of that technical jargon.

We’ve got personal trainers with you for a reason. They make sure your workouts are as effective as possible and they’ll always make sure that, whatever you’re doing, you’re triggering the Afterburn and burning hundreds of extra calories every day.

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