Which Muscle Groups Can You Work Out at the Same Time?


If you follow fitness influencers, it’s pretty safe to say that you’ve probably seen a “When It’s Everything Day at the Gym” Reel or TikTok. While those clips can be hilarious, they raise the question — which muscle groups should I work out together? Exercise is a complex subject (you can earn a degree in […]

What Range of Motion Means for Your Workouts

Range of Motion

Take a second to think about the last time you incorporated squats into your workout. How low did you go before you stood up again? If you answered “as low as I could,” great job! You’re probably getting the most out of an exercise session. But for everyone else, you may be missing out on […]

Easing Your Anxiety Through Exercise

Group Class Stretching

Whether it’s something small like being nervous about locking the door as we leave home or an attack that brings our day to an early end, everyone seems to deal with some level of anxiety. According to the Mayo Clinic, dealing with anxiety is a normal part of life. However, it can become debilitating (and […]

Listen to Your Body: When to Push Past Your Pain

Fit Body Boot Camp community

We’ve all heard this saying when it comes to working out — “No pain. No gain.”  While that isn’t a rule you should always stick to, sometimes it’s good to take that phrase to heart. Pushing yourself during a workout is necessary for achieving your goals, but you definitely don’t want to injure yourself because […]

Your Fitness Journey Past Your 50th Birthday

Fit Body Forever

There’s no right age to dive into fitness – whether it’s your first time building an exercise habit or your tenth! In fact, fitness after 50 can be more rewarding than ever. As we gracefully age, the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle becomes increasingly evident. When we give our bodies the movement they crave, […]

The 5 Best Exercises to Improve Posture

planking exercise

Do you catch yourself sliding down in your chair while sitting or hunching while working at your desk?  Did you sit up a little straighter when you read that sentence? Whether working at a desk or scrolling on our phones to unwind, we seem to spend a lot of time sitting down. The more we […]

What Qualities Should You Look for in Your Fitness Coach?

Most people want to get fit. They want to get healthy, but they find themselves feeling too vulnerable to go to the gym. They find the workout equipment intimidating, and they find the presence of fit and buff people and personal trainers to be overwhelming. Unfortunately, most people who go to the gym and feel […]

5 Ways Exercising Can Help You Fight Illness

We are living in a time where we are witnessing in real-time the prevalence of chronic disease and growing pressure on holistic services coming to the forefront. In recent years, exercise and nutrition have both played an essential part in illness prevention, and these have both gained the spotlight. With the help of social media, […]

Healthy Habits to Focus On for 2024

Are you interested in developing healthy habits in the year 2024? It can be challenging to know where to begin, especially if this is your first time focusing on healthy habits. You might be wondering which habits you should prioritize and how to make them stick. If you want to live a healthier life this […]

Top Fitness Trends for 2024

If you believe the whole idea of working out can be a little intimidating, you are not alone. That being said, understanding what to expect before you start will help you feel in control and lower any anxiety you may be experiencing. Here’s our guide to what you need to know before your first fitness session or boot camp style class.