Fitness and Social Media: Breaking Unrealistic Expectations

group cycling work out

It’s pretty safe to say we’re all connected to social media today.  We use it to keep up with family members we don’t see often, find new recipes and meal prep ideas to cook for the week, and lean on it for inspiration when we need a bit of motivation. While we can use social […]

Hydration and Exercise: A Crucial Connection

women on row machine

Your hydration is a critical part of nutrition. When we do not get enough water throughout the day, we can feel sluggish, experience brain fog, and often feel more aches and pains. Have you ever wondered: How much water do I need in a day to maintain proper hydration? Or How does exercise change the […]

The Importance of Core Strength

group rope exercise

Let’s dispel a common exercise myth right away: the purpose of core training is not to get visible abs. The first thing that comes to mind when you think about core training might be a future six-pack, but the reality is that many of us don’t have the genes for visible ab muscles — and […]

Healthy Snacking: Fueling Your Body Between Fitness Sessions

bowl of healthy food

We all know that exercising is only one part of a successful fitness journey! To maximize the efforts you put into going to the gym and attending classes, you need to pair it with proper nutrition that fuels your efforts and curbs unhealthy eating habits. If you’re looking for a better snacking method that prevents […]

Vitamins and Minerals: Essential Nutrients for Fitness Enthusiasts

woman drinking water

Take a second to think about how you track your diet and categorize your food. Do you pay more attention to your macronutrients like proteins, fats, and carbs, or do you zoom in to focus on micronutrients like vitamins and minerals? We don’t know your true answer, but we could guess you pay more attention […]

Post-Workout Supplements for Repair and Growth

Exercising at Fit Body Boot Camp

Exercise is hard work, and proper nutrition is the key to maximizing your efforts in the gym. If you read our fitness supplements post, you know how we feel about supplements at Fit Body Boot Camp. Spoiler: We like supplements, but they’re not magic potions that suddenly give you results. That said, using supplements can […]

Fitness Supplements: What You Need to Know

Fitness Supplements

If you regularly listen to podcasts or follow fitness influencers, you’ve heard ads for “the best fitness supplements.” We ask ourselves, “What are fitness supplements that I need?” Green powders like AG-1 claim to provide all your daily baseline nutrition. Many energy drinks on the shelves, like Celsius, advertise thermogenic fat-burning properties. Some experts even […]

Dressing for Success in Your Fitness Journey

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The fitness fashion world is a massive industry — Americans spent $62.4 billion on sports and fitness clothing in 2022 — and it’s growing. Fitness fashion is everywhere, from Lululemon to Fabletics to hundreds of other workout clothing brands. With so many options out there, you have to ask yourself, “Which one should I choose?”, […]

5 Benefits of Regular Physical Activity

Physical Activity

Did you know that Americans spend an average of six-and-a-half to eight hours sitting down every day?  This trend toward sitting down happens for many reasons, including working at a desk or binge-watching our favorite shows. However, there’s one thing in common with sedentary lifestyles — negative health benefits. Chosing inactivity for most of the […]

How To Prevent Lactic Acid Buildup in Your Muscles


If you’ve been working out for a while, it’s probably safe to say that you’ve felt the effects of lactic acid buildup after a workout.  One of the telltale signs is muscle cramps or extreme exhaustion after a hard cardio session. However, you don’t necessarily have to push through this post-workout pain. In fact, you […]