Best Group Workouts to Increase Glute Definition

If you cringe a little when you look in the mirror, and your reflection reveals “pancake bottom,” or if you simply desire more definition for your derriere, don’t despair! There are specific glute workouts to help you mold this hard-to-target area to get the exact look you crave. 

Why You Want Strong Glutes

There are many reasons defined, and firm glutes benefit our lives besides just looking good.

Not only are the glute muscles your body’s largest, most powerful muscle group, but training them will help you minimize back pain, improve your posture, and generate speed and power during exercise and athletic performance.

Unfortunately, sitting on these muscles for long periods of time every day can weaken them. Here is what you can do to improve your glute strength.

Best Glute Exercises

When glute definition is your goal, incorporate these five proven training moves into your workouts.

  1. Bridge exercises target both your upper and lower glutes. These exercises deliver tension on the glutes when they’re fully contracted to firm and define your posterior.
  2. Squats and lunges are classic foundational moves emphasizing the lower glutes and quadriceps. When you’ve mastered the techniques, you can increase the level of difficulty by adding weights and squat pulses. 
  3. Step-Ups are not easy but highly effective. This advanced move will help build and strengthen the gluteal muscles to create a more toned bum.
  4. Abduction movements focus primarily on the upper glutes by targeting the gluteus medius, an often neglected area. Abduction glute exercises include kickbacks that isolate this area. You can do these with your body weight, add ankle weights, power bands, or use a cable machine as your expertise increases.
  5. Band Walks are that old-school “strap a band around your knees and start walking” training exercise. If they are a bit too challenging, begin with seated band abductions. These band actions are not only effective, but they also make for a great glute exercise if you are away from home for any reason.

Group Workouts Support Glute Definition

Small group sessions, found in some boot camps, are a big help with glute exercises. 

Yes, boot camps offer a training format to help increase strength, burn calories and lose weight. However, what makes boot camp workouts so unique is that they emphasize total-body functional training.

Functional glute training not only strengthens and defines the body but can also better prepare you for real-world activities like climbing stairs and lifting groceries. 

The best boot camps offer inclusion for all. Age and weight aren’t disqualifiers when it comes to boot camp workouts if (and only if) you have a team of qualified instructors who know how to modify the training to your ability. Also, targeted exercises and cardio play a role when focusing on glute definition. 

Fit Body Boot Camp (FBBC) is the place to go for all these essential physical and mental fitness components.

Fit Body Boot Camp Benefits Your Booty

Let’s face it; form matters. If you are not doing the glute exercises correctly, then you are simply wasting your time. 

Fit Body Boot Camp gives the necessary attention to each and every client to ensure they perform each glute training properly. In this case, our friendly certified coaches teach the moves so that you reach your bootylicious goals. 

They provide individual attention to ensure you are activating your glutes and not using your back, which can be painful. In addition, our professional and supportive fitness coaches monitor your form to help keep you injury-free. 

It is essential to hit the glutes regularly. Fit Body Boot Camp provides daily sessions to support the consistency you need.

We also understand that it is easy to talk yourself out of going to a training class. However, at FBBC, you’ll look forward to a fun, high-energy environment with encouragement from other members.

A Final Word

Just about everybody wants to look nice in a pair of tight jeans, but there are even more reasons to work out your glutes. Strong glutes can keep you active and healthy, reduce pain, and improve physical performance.

When you want to build a strong posterior that grabs attention and helps maintain your health, jump into Fit Body Boot Camp. We offer:

  • Positive community 
  • Fun body toning workouts 
  • Certified fitness coaches
  • Support and accountability 
  • Results you’ll be proud of 
  • No intimidating equipment 
  • No figuring it out alone 
  • Our signature Afterburn Fit Body Bootcamp workout burns twice the calories in half the time and keeps your metabolism running at a higher rate for up to 36 hours post-workout

Join us at Fit Body Boot Camp today and begin your journey to toned glutes and optimum health.

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