How to Find the Right Workout Accountability Partner(s)

Be honest: what does it feel like to work out alone?

For a few people, they enjoy working out at their own pace, doing the workouts THEY want to do. More often than not, these people usually have years of experience in the gym and know what they’re doing.

For the rest of the crowd, the gym can be confusing and intimidating. There are machines that look like robots, medicine balls you have no idea how to use, and, oh man—where do you even start working out?

Now, think back to a time when you did something new, something uncomfortable…with a friend. I’m sure you felt more confident than you would have been going at it alone.

Fitness is the same exact way. Well actually, life is the same way. No one gets far without others.

I want to get to the benefits of having an accountability partner when working out, something you may have never even considered. But first, why do people insist on being lone wolves when it comes to getting fit?

Why People Exercise By Themselves

I’ll give you the simple answer first: it’s the cultural norm.

When a light bulb flashes in someone’s head telling them they need to get in shape, the response is usually: “I need to do this and that and this…”.

I need to.”

Again, this works when you have a system down and you know exactly what you’re doing. Jumping from the couch to the gym? Not the best idea…

Plus, many people believe they’ll burden others by asking them for help. Just look at the mantra of this great country—you can achieve “the American dream”.

It doesn’t sound so hot to add “with the help of others”.

If you want to work out alone, again, all power to you. Just be prepared for the road ahead, a road that will haunt you with temptations and old habits. Unless your willpower is Superman-like, that road’s going to be long and bumpy…

The Advantages Of Working Out With Someone Else

Now, this might be the time when you’re thinking, “Well, what do I REALLY get out of having an accountability partner.”

More on that in a second, but first, let’s define what an accountability partner actually is.

Getting in shape isn’t just a small decision; rather, it’s a commitment to a healthier lifestyle. That takes a lot of courage, accountability, and support.

Think of this person as your parachute, your cushion. There will be days when you feel lazy and uninspired. There will be food binges and unneeded cheat days.Fitbody Bootcamp

This is where that partner takes the reigns and sets you straight. They’ll remind you of the commitments you BOTH made to getting healthy. Sometimes, you only need to hear that one message of support to get you back on track.

Maybe your partner can cook up some delicious and nutritious food. Maybe they’re a stickler for attending every boot camp session they can. They might just be the emotional support you need to get over those self-doubting slumps…

So, who exactly do you trust as your fitness accountability partner?

Picking The Right Person

Hold on! I can already see some of you itching for your phones so you can text your best friend to meet you for a gym session.

This is important: your perfect accountability partner is not always the person you’re closest to.

Yes, your accountability partner should know you well. If they had to, they should be able to list off many of your strengths and weaknesses as a person (and an aspiring fitness fanatic)…

Keep in mind that just because someone knows you like the back of their hand, that doesn’t automatically make you them an expert on how to get you in shape.

The person who trains side-by-side with you, keeping track of the meals you eat and how much you sleep, that person needs to be equipped to help you through the rough patches.

If you are amazing at waking up early, but can’t eat a healthy meal to save your life, you’d want to find a partner with knowledge about nutrition.

If your diet is great, but your sleeping habits are awful, find someone that knows a thing or two about getting good sleep.

Ideally, you’d LOVE to find someone with experience in every category of fitness and health. Just remember: the person you train with is going to be dependent on you, as well. Which leads us to our last section…

Your Role As An Accountability Partner

Your relationship with your accountability partner is not a one-way street. If that’s what you’re into, personal training is definitely the route to go.

However, a lot of people out there don’t have the time or money to hire someone to train them individually. Plus, a personal trainer won’t always be available for support, and they won’t know your habits and lifestyle quite like a friend would…

What IS worth mentioning is that you are just as liable for your accountability partner as they are for you.

That’s how discipline is strengthened.

The chances that both of you will feel uninspired and unmotivated at the same time is higher than you’d think. All it takes is one friend to convince the other that they’ll “just work out tomorrow instead”.

Then one day becomes two. Two days becomes three…

Fitbody BootcampYou get the picture.

View fitness not just as your ticket to happiness and health, but the key to changing someone else’s life, too. People can be quick to let themselves down, but that gets much harder once someone else is depending on you for support.

Here’s one last little tip: this accountability structure isn’t limited to two people. In fact, having three or more members in your support circle is actually a great thing…

The more people you have to watch over your decisions—whether they relate to fitness or life—the more likely you are to take the positive steps that will direct you towards your goals. YES, it really is that simple!

Hey, we here at Fit Body know a thing or two about accountability. Our coaches go the extra mile to monitor your lifestyle (even outside of boot camp), while our members interact with each other on location-specific Facebook pages, sharing support, advice, recipes, and more. Visit, and take advantage of 3 FREE workouts at a location near you!

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