You Only Need to Impress One Person…

There’s only one person you need to impress on your fitness journey. Sure, people have all sorts of opinions about health and fitness, and the internet is full of show-offs and armchair trainers, but there really is only one person you need to impress.


If your fitness journey leads directly to your own health and happiness, then you can go ahead and ignore all the noise.

In fact, let’s take a second here to talk about goal setting.

Your Goals

There’s all kinds of advice out there about how to set your fitness goals, and it can be confusing to try to sort through all that.

happy health squareDo you set realistic goals to avoid disappointment, or do you set unrealistic goals to force yourself out of your comfort zone?

Do you set short-term goals that aren’t so intimidating, or do you set long-term goals that give you a grand reward to look forward to?

So many questions! Wouldn’t it be great to just have a simple formula for setting your goals?

There is one. It goes like this:

Start by imagining the life that would make you happiest, then work backwards from there to set your goals.

Whether you’re looking for youll-actually-like square

Speaking of which…

Finding the Right People

The people around us profoundly shape our attitudes and behaviors.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure those people have the right influence on you.

Obviously, it can be hard to stay ambitious when you’re surrounded by lazy people…

But sometimes the effects are subtler than that. If you are surrounded by negative people, they can sabotage your own self love just because they’re scared your good example will push them out of their comfort zone.

However, if you stick with positive people who share similar goals with you, they’ll cheer on your efforts at self because they know that you can keep each other inspired!

So where are you going to find all these positive people with their own healthy fitness goals?

The best place to start is right here at one of our own boot camps! We go out of our way to create a fun, friendly, supportive atmosphere in all of our boot camps – and the right people are attracted to that! Every day, we sign up such wonderful, positive people, and now you can be one of them! Visit

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