Why You Should Get In On an FBBC Fitness Challenge

Tis the season to find a deal!

The holidays are peeking around the corner, which usually spells trouble for everyone’s bank accounts (and credit cards, and wallets, and budgets…). Naturally, finding a place to work out might be the last thing on your mind when it comes to spending dollars.

Now if only there was a way you could transform your lifestyle, get in shape, and STILL have money left over for that holiday shopping you still need to do…

Good news: there is!

Our boot camps run promotions throughout the year for anyone interested in trying out our workouts WITHOUT committing to a long-term contract upfront. Lucky for you, the holiday season is primetime to find the best fitness deals of the year!

So why are fitness promos the bargains you never knew you needed? Here are a few benefits you’ll get when you sign up for one today…


Save Money

This one’s pretty obvious (since it’s stated in the intro above), but these offers allow you to try boot camp without emptying your wallet.

Fitbody Bootcamp

Our owners are enthusiastic about introducing health and fitness to the communities they serve. They drastically lower the prices of these short-term deals to encourage people to try them out. Of course, deals will vary per location, but you’ll get two weeks, four weeks, six weeks, however many weeks they decide to offer you, of discounted boot camp sessions!

Best of all, if you don’t enjoy your time at boot camp, you won’t lose out on hundreds of dollars because the premiums to join these programs are so low. Low risk, big reward!


See How Boot Camp Changes You

We know that shifting to a healthier lifestyle takes more than just a few workouts; you also need to revamp your diet and receive accountability from others.

Our challenges provide you with everything you need to make this change.

Workouts? Our boot camps are short (30 minutes) and intense, so you burn calories long after you stop exercising. These programs usually provide unlimited access to boot camp sessions throughout the day…and they don’t take up a large chunk of your day either.

Many programs also hand you two keys to success in the kitchen: full-on meal plans and weekly grocery lists. Follow these to a “T” and you’ll see the work you put in during boot camp start to pay off.

Finally, we promote a healthy team environment and accountability at each of our locations—especially during challenges. You’ll train alongside men and women looking to better their lives, just like you. They’ll encourage you to never miss a boot camp session and to keep up your diet.


Learn More About Our Culture

With any big decision, it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into first. Searching for the right place to train should be no different.

We’re proud of the way we run our locations worldwide. That’s why our promos give you so much access to our workoutFitbody Bootcamps: we know you’ll find it hard to leave once you get a taste of our culture.

This isn’t your typical gym. You won’t just walk in, stumble around for a bit, sit at a few machines, and leave. We teach you HOW to eat right, HOW to work out, and HOW to strengthen your mindset for maximum results.

We take the time to get to know you and treat you like any one of our other members—our “Fit Body Family”. Even in a group training format, you still feel like you’re doing one-on-one personalized training.

A few weeks is all we need to show you what we’re all about!


*Note: Promotions will vary by location. Find an FBBC near you here.

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