Why Fitness Boot Camp Franchises Are Booming

Around 6 years ago, a revolution turned the fitness world on its head. It was the newest way to burn fat without a membership to one of those impersonal old “big box gyms”.

6 years later, fitness boot camps are still as popular as ever, and there’s no sign of slowing down. That’s because they do one thing better than anyone else: they get clients results in short periods of time.

The dream…work out a little, burn off a lot of fat.

There’s a reason behind why Fit Body Boot Camp leads the rest of the fitness boot camp pack. Our workouts are some of the shortest you’ll find (30 minutes), while every session is intense but burns more calories than normal (thanks to the special Afterburn effect that supercharges your post-workout metabolism).

Boot camp is practically shouting your name at this point. Want some more proof that this is the best way to lose weight and keep it off? We have just the thing for you…


The Structure You Crave, Done for You

There’s an art to scheduling your perfect workout plan. How great would it be if your ideal workout plan was as easy to get your hands on as a water bottle from your local vending machine?

That’s the advantage of fitness boot camps: they give you the flexibility to structure your workouts with ease.Fitbody Bootcamp

Take Fit Body Boot Camp, for example. Our locations divide their workouts into 30-minute blocks, so you can drop by before you head to work, on your lunch break, or even when the day is almost over. Your weekly fitness schedule has never been this easy to make!

Once you establish a weekly fitness routine, you’ll begin to develop the healthy habits that will tone and strengthen your body long-term.


Innovative Workouts

A lot of fitness boot camps try to reinvent the wheel with their workouts. Some might attach a heart monitor to your wrist before you exercise, while others might have you tumble and spin all over the floor.

Fit Body Boot Camp sticks with a simple formula: work out hard for 30 minutes. We mix up our exercises so you feel challenged every time you come in, but we also don’t stray away from the structure that gets our clients results. That’s the balance your body needs to get in tip-top shape!

Bottom line: you don’t have to waste your time on the same treadmill or on one of those clunky workout machines. Push your body. Feel like the accomplished fitness star that you know you are!


The Whole Package

When someone tries to get in shape by themselves, whether at home or at a “big box gym,” they often face an uphill climb. Not only do they become their own personal trainer, but they also have to be their own dietician and biggest cheerleader.

That’s a lot to put on one person’s shoulders.

If you want the body of your dreams, you need to have 3 things:

  1. An expert trainer that knows what workouts you need to do
  2. A nutritionist that will create a diet for you
  3. Support and encouragement through the thick and thin

Any good fitness boot camp covers all three of these areas. That’s what Fit Body Boot Camp does best.Fitbody Bootcamp

Our trainers are fitness pros. Best believe they know how to get the most out of you every time you come to a session.

Our locations will also let you in on the dietary secrets that will literally shrink your body fat percentage! Try one of our meal plans; you won’t even need to think about what foods you should eat anymore!

Finally, our franchise promotes a healthy team atmosphere at each of our locations. Every member is there not just for herself but also for the woman next to her. Our members work together toward the same fitness goals, so when one person struggles the rest of the squad is there to pick her up!

Ready for your first session? Want 3 sessions for free? Check out this link to get started today!

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