Why Are You Failing Your New Year’s Resolutions?

It’s about that time again when most of us make commitments for the New Year. Most of us promise to make positive lifestyle changes or set personal health goals to better ourselves. 

The top popular resolutions are to lead healthier lives, get in better shape, and adopt better eating habits.

Unfortunately, as reported by the N.Y. Post, 68 percent of us will give up on our resolutions before the end of January.

Reasons We Fall Short

You can avoid shouldering all the blame if you have abandoned your resolutions in the past. However, there are several reasons why some people need help keeping their new year’s resolutions.

Here are three top causes that lead individuals to fall short of their wellness resolutions.

  • All At Once. If you try to overhaul your lifestyle all at once, you will likely be unsuccessful and may give up altogether. Instead of deciding to workout every day and completely change your diet overnight, make realistic milestone goals and focus on consistency.
  • Reality Matters. The cliché, “slow and steady wins the race,” is true for your New Years’ resolutions. You must set a realistic timeline for your health and exercise objectives. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t become a world-champion bodybuilder overnight.
  • One is the Loneliest Number. Whether you are a fitness fanatic or just beginning to exercise, you will benefit from expert guidance and motivation. Without a coach, you are more likely to get discouraged, frustrated, and injured, leaving your resolutions in the dust.

How to Keep your New Year Resolutions 

These four simple steps will increase your chances of meeting your goals regarding exercise and training and allow you to experience a life of wellness.

Baby Steps

You didn’t learn to walk, read, or write on the same day, right? So, change one thing at a time rather than changing everything. Take a step-ladder approach and target adding one positive habit each week. 

  • If your objective is to increase your daily exercise, start slowly with one or two weekly workouts.
  • To boost your nutrition, start with something simple like eating two servings of fruits and veggies daily, increasing the amount over time.
  • To enhance your hydration, add 24 ounces of water and work up to 60 ounces at the end of one month.

These small successes will increase confidence and create new, healthy habits.

Find a Coach. 

A coach can be your number one secret weapon to hit your goal. Find someone you can connect with who will support, motivate, and help keep you on track. You want a qualified professional willing to invest in your well-being, not just your workouts.

The Benefit of a Buddy.

It can be hard to stay motivated when you feel alone. Taking along a family member or friend who wants to reach the same goals gives you many advantages.

  • You can hold each other accountable 
  • You will be more consistent and committed since you won’t want to disappoint your partner by not showing up
  • You will have loads of social and emotional support
  • You’ll both be less likely to get bored 
  • You will be motivated to work harder
  • You’ll have someone to celebrate your accomplishments

At Fit Body Boot Camp, you are never alone: far from it. Our FBBC small groups will be much more fun and motivating than exercising alone. Our members at FBBC will cheer you on, inspire and encourage you.

Positive Programs & Classes. 

Whether or not you have a buddy, take the time to find a training or coaching program with proven results for members that fit your schedule. The best fitness plan causes minor interruptions to your daily life. The goal is not to add stress to your life but to remove it.

Achieve and Exceed Your Health Resolutions

At FBBC, we believe in you! So, this New Year, we want you to believe in yourself. 

We offer you all the tools you need to meet your health goals now and all year ’round. In addition, we will develop a realistic, personal, and result-oriented fitness plan that includes our signature Afterburn workouts.

Our unique Afterburn program combines High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with Active Rest Training. These unique 30-minute workouts burn twice the calories in half the time and can keep your metabolism actively increased for up to 36 hours post-workout.

It doesn’t stop there. 

  • A certified coach leads every FBCC session to give you the best workout, build muscle, burn fat, and stay injury free.
  • FBBC offers personalized nutritional guidance to support your weight loss goals.
  • We welcome all fitness levels in a community-driven atmosphere.
  • Our boot camp sessions combine science, coaching, and technology to reach your desired outcomes.

Of course, we want to ensure that you are comfortable before you buy, so we offer FREE Fat-Burning Workouts to get you started. 

Meet your New Year’s wellness resolutions with the positive program and Fit Body Boot Camp guidance. We can’t wait to support your goals!

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