What’s Your Exercise Excuse? How to not talk yourself out of exercising.

“I’m too tired.”
“I don’t have time.”
“I have something else I need to do.”
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Everyone has an excuse for not working out. After all, having a good one up your sleeve helps lessen feelings of guilt when it comes to not exercising. And despite knowing how good exercise is for you, it’s just not high on your list of priorities. So you tell yourself, “It’s OK, I’ll try another day.” While some excuses are completely legitimate (illness, injury, or working late), others are fabricated to make yourself feel better about skipping your workout.

What’s the key to overcoming excuses? Ottawa boot camp believes that making exercise a normal part of your everyday routine is definitely the best place to start. If going to boot camp is as natural as brushing your teeth, you won’t think twice about including it in your day. You’ll want to work out and it will feel like something’s missing when you don’t.

Here’s how to overcome four of the most common excuses given for not exercising or attending boot camp.

Excuse 1: “I Don’t Have Time”

Ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish everything on your to-do list? There’s no denying the fact that you’re busy. From work to family to chores around the house to social events, your calendar is full. But it can be argued that your calendar is not too full for exercise. If there are 24 hours in a day, that’s 168 hours in a week. If work takes up 50 of those hours and sleep takes up 63 hours, that leaves 55 hours unaccounted for. It’s recommended you get 75 minutes of vigorous exercise or 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise each week. Surely you can fit that much into your routine each week. That’s not even three hours!

Need tips for fitting exercise into your schedule? Set your alarm 30 minutes early and take a morning jog. Or take a walk on your lunch break or a bike ride with your family after dinner.

Excuse 2: “I Don’t Have Energy”

Like everyone else, you’re tired from your busy life. Cranky kids, stress at work, traffic on the road, and a messy house may zap your energy. But multiple studies have shown regular exercise, especially the high-intensity training that you get with boot camps, has the potential to boost your energy level and fight fatigue. This is even the case for those suffering with medical conditions such as heart disease and cancer.

So yes, exercise may be the last thing you feel like doing. You may feel more like drinking another cup of coffee to make it through your morning or curling up on the couch after a long day. However, exercise may be just what your body needs to give it that extra spark of energy.

Do this by finding a workout that you enjoy and exercising with a friend and a good personal trainer. These tips will keep you motivated to work out well into the future.

Excuse 3: “I Eat More When I Exercise”

It’s true. When you exercise, your body burns more calories than normal. And it continues to burn calories throughout the day. Ottawa boot fitness boot camp warns that you may feel slightly hungrier than normal, but ensures that that’s okay. Your body will need a few more calories to make up for the ones you burn. This is your opportunity to fill your body with a healthy mix of carbs, protein, and healthy fats. This combination will keep you feeling full while giving you the energy you need. Remember: You don’t have to replace all the calories you just burned, just a few.

Excuse 4: “I Always Have Kids with Me”

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Young kids at home are a fourth common reason given for not exercising. While you can’t just run to the gym and leave them alone, you probably know how to multitask. It’s something most parents are forced to learn. And that’s what it takes to exercise with kids. Take them with you. Go on a walk, ride bikes together, or jump on the trampoline. While they’re at soccer practice, walk laps around the field. Or better yet, use your exercise time as quality family time by hopping in the car and heading to the gym for swimming or—as your children age—weight lifting! You’ll save time, improve the health of everyone, and hopefully start healthy habits that last a lifetime.

This blog was submitted by the Ottawa Personal Trainer from Fit Body Boot Camp Ottawa.

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