A Beginner’s Guide to Fit Body’s Workout Equipment

That moment.

That moment when you walk into a gym. You survey the room and see a bunch of machines that look like robots; a rack of weights that looks intimidating; and bands, balls, and ropes that look like they don’t even belong inside a gym…

The more you look around the room, the less it looks like the place to get fit and the more it looks like a sweaty spaceship.

Today’s blog will answer one question for you: how do I use that darn workout equipment?

While our workouts require different pieces of equipment, we try not to pack our gyms with any hard-to-use products, machines, or treadmills.

Here’s how to use some core pieces of workout equipment you’ll find at your local FBBC.


You need some battle ropes…

Those long ropes you see in the back corner? Those will get your burn going!

Battle ropes are long, bulky ropes you can whip, wave, slam, and shake. The length and thickness of the ropes force you to work your upper body muscles.

All you have to do is hold one rope in each hand with a firm grip and shake. That’s it!

You could alternate between long, powerful strokes and short, dynamic strokes. Your coach will tell you how high and wide to shake the ropes.


…and some resistance bands…

Resistance bands are so underrated as workout equipment.

Basically, they’re these bands you can step on or hang from. Instead of working out with artificial weights, you use your body weight to add resistance to each exercise.Fitbody Bootcamp

You can do curls, you can hang your feet and do push ups, or you can stretch out and do some squats (if they’re hung up already). Spice up your normal routine with a few resistance band workouts that get your whole body moving and stretching.

These bands can be a bit confusing at first, but our coaches can teach you exactly how to use them!


…and a plyo box…

A plyo box might just look like an ordinary box…but it’s actually designed to maximize your leg workouts.

“Plyo” is short for “plyometrics,” a type of fitness that focuses on short, explosive workouts. Basketball players favor plyometrics to increase their jumping ability (especially if they’re trying to dunk).

Simply jumping onto the plyo box is a workout in itself. You can add dumbbells to it and step up one foot at a time; it’ll burn, but your body will get leaned and toned.


…and dumbbells, oh dumbbells!

The classics.

A dumbbell consists of two weight at either end of a small bar that you hold and lift. They’re small enough to fit into one hand each.

People love doing curls with them, but you can also use them in creative ways, like hitting a punching bag. As mentioned before, they also serve as great resistance during certain full body exercises.Fitbody Bootcamp

Don’t lift too heavy…remember, you want to focus on form and consistency more than hitting a new max. Our coaches know the right (and wrong) ways to use dumbbells, so talk to them if you have any concerns! Visit one of our locations today and get your first 3 workouts free!


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