Dieting? Use These 5 Hacks the Next Time You Dine Out

You control everything you eat. I’m gonna prove it to you.

Yes, that includes when you go out to eat at restaurants. You might not be able to customize your dish exactly how you’d like to, but you can still make sure it meets your dieting standards.

So how do you do that? Here are 5 questions you can ask your waiter (or whoever cooks your food) to determine whether something is healthy enough for your diet.


“What ingredients did you use?”

This is the easiest question to ask your waiter. Knowing what goes into your meal will tell you exactly how healthy it is for you. For example, if they cook your dish in lots of oil and grease, it might not be the healthiest option to choose from.


“May I substitute the protein for chicken (or fish)?”Fitbody Bootcamp

Lean meats (such as chicken) and fish are your two healthiest protein options. If you order a dish with pork or beef, try to swap in one of these two preferred proteins, if possible.


“Was this frozen at any point?”

Don’t let a restaurant get away with serving you frozen food, which is often unhealthier than food prepared with fresh ingredients.


“Can you go light on the dressing?”

Dressings and sauces are filled with extra calories. Avoid drenching your food in them for a healthier meal. If anything, ask if they offer low-fat dressing as a substitute for regular dressing.


“I’m on a _______ diet. What would you recommend for me?” 

The waiter knows the menu better than you do. Ask this question to make sure you don’t pass over any tasty, healthy options!


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