What to Look for in a Personal Trainer

Want to look and feel your sexiest in RECORD time? Then it’s time to find your perfect personal trainer!

Fitness goes far beyond reps and diets. Being healthy is knowing how to get back on track when your motivation slips. It’s not killing yourself over that extra cheat meal you snuck in on Saturday. Fitness is a journey, not a sprint!

That’s why we call our personal trainers “coaches”—they invest in your entire well-being, not just your workouts.

Here are a few traits to look for in your next fitness coach.


They Coach YOU

Your next coach should take the time to get to know you. What’s your body type? What are your eating habits like? What goals do you want to achieve?

A great coach will tailor everything to fit you. Want to add muscle? No worries—they’ll know what exercises you should do and what foods you should eat. We train our FBBC coaches to do just that, and our clients will tell you that this customized approach works.


They Know Their StuffFitbody Bootcamp

There’s so much confusing information about health and nutrition out there; it’s easy to get swept up in a “fad” or “diet” that doesn’t really work.

Ask your coach questions about the program they put you on. You deserve to know what you’re doing to your body, how your coach decided on that program for you, and why you should trust it.


They’re Expert Encouragers

An amazing coach knows what to say to you, and when to say it. They should know what words or phrases will get you to perform at your best.

People love to train with great coaches because they keep the vibe upbeat and positive during workouts. The more you enjoy working out, the more consistently you’ll exercise every week.

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