What is the Difference Between FBBC and Other Boot Camps?

Fitness boot camps are all the rage these days. They offer structure to your fitness routine and focus strongly on community.

There is a wide array of boot camps. Each one has a different style of training and is tailored to a different kind of fitness goal.

For example, some boot camps are designed to get people into athletic performance mode. Some are designed to be super competitive.

Fit Body Boot Camp is designed to be encouraging, supportive, and weight loss-oriented

We’ll go into more detail about that in a moment, but first let’s take a look at some things to consider if you ever check out other boot camps.

Trainers Don’t Need To Be Drill Sergeants

There are a select few people who work out better when a coach is shouting instructions in their ears. And there are certain trainers who believe this is the best way to train.

However, other people don’t take kindly to this type of training, preferring to be encouraged and motivated through positive messages and a friendly group setting.

It’s always important to click with the coach you work out with. Chances are, someone who constantly lashes out at your form or effort probably will be harder to connect with.

Workouts Don’t Need to Be Long

Life is busy. That’s why most people like to get the shortest, most effective workout they possibly can.

In our opinion, unless you happen to be a raving fitness fan, even just one hour of working out is too long (more on that later).

Another factor to consider is that longer workouts can increase your risk of injury.

Also, long workouts significantly drain your energy. This means that working out consecutive days in a row becomes a challenge.

Boot Camps Probably Shouldn’t Run Outdoors

On the surface, exercising outside seems like a good idea. Who doesn’t love a break from being indoors all day?

But boot camps that are outdoors are subject to the weather. And working out in less-than-ideal conditions can be a major safety hazard.

Yes, you might be able to adjust your boot camp’s routine to be somewhat efficient in the rain or snow. But most people don’t want an altered workout; they want instruction optimized for their personal fitness goals.

Not All Boot Camps Adjust For Fitness Level

Similar to how some trainers insist on acting like drill sergeants, there are boot camps out there that don’t seem to care about your starting fitness level. They’ll just jump right into advanced exercises and leave you to sink or swim.

Again, there is a tiny group of people who enjoy that…you will most likely want to find a boot camp that is challenging, but appropriate to your fitness level.

The best boot camps will have their coaches work with you to set the pace and intensity that is best for you (for example, FBBC coaches will do this).

Now, as promised, let’s take a closer look at how Fit Body Boot Camp is different:

FBBC Coaches Encourage and Motivate

Fit body coaches are here to make fitness fun for you, and to keep you accountable to your weight loss goals.

As a member at your local FBBC, you’ll get to have fun group field trips to local beaches or hiking spots, huge parties to celebrate major holidays, and a private community of positive, healthy friends.

Really, our focus is not just on losing the weight—it’s on giving you a vibrant community that will make you enjoy the process and help you KEEP the results you earn.

Fitbody Bootcamp

FBBC Workouts Are Short And Sweet

At Fit Body Boot Camp, we believe that you don’t need to work out for extended periods of time to stay fit.

Thanks to the “Afterburn effect,” All it takes is a good 30 minutes!

Because our workouts are high intensity for short periods of time, your body continues to burn calories even after you go home.

The best part is that you can drop in, get in a quick session, and leave with the rest of your day ahead of you!

FBBC Has State of the Art Facilities

Fit Body takes pride in the quality of its facilities around the world. Every location is equipped with high-quality matted flooring, which is known to be very soft and easier on your joints, back, and knees.

You don’t have to worry about being intimidated or confused at a Fit Body Boot Camp, because we really don’t use very much equipment. We only use simple things like dumbbells, kettlebells, and battle ropes.

Plus, you’ll always have your Fit Body coach there to teach you the workouts and keep track of your form (without ever being pushy or bossy about it).

Fit Body cuts out the fluff and only provides you with the essential resources needed to improve your fitness.

FBBC Workouts Burn Fat

Because most Fit Body workouts are timed, each member can work out at their own pace. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newcomer to fitness or a seasoned member—you can always get a workout with just the right amount of challenge.

Before you even start training, an FBBC coach will meet with you privately to discuss your unique healthy needs, dietary concerns, and fitness goals. They’ll help you decide if our boot camps are truly the right fit for you.

The most important part is that you don’t have to already be fit to join, and you don’t even have to be a huge fan of fitness.

If you just want a fast, simple way to trim inches off your belly, tone up your arms and legs, or get back your energy and confidence, we’re ready to help you out.

Always keep these pros and cons in your mind when deciding on a boot camp. We’re confident that you’ll fit right in with our Fit Body family!

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