Understanding the Squat – How Boot Camps Use Body Weight to Build Muscle

The human body is an amazing machine, but just like any other machine it needs upkeep. Exercise and proper diet are pretty much the only ways you can keep your body in top shape, but there are so many different diet and exercise combos out there that it can sometimes be stressful for those who don’t know where to start. That’s why the boot camp in Brea want you understand the basics of the squat and how boot camps utilize them to get maximum results.
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Did you know the human body engages over 200 muscles when squatting? That’s pretty amazing, but what’s great about the squat is that it helps to promote muscle growth by forcing your body to engage in compound movements that flex multiple muscles and joints at the same time. Squats are also known for improving coordination because they involve muscle-skeletal movements when you do a proper squat.

Where Boot Camps Fit In

There are a lot of ways you can modify the squat to achieve maximum results. Boot camps use many different squat combos to make the body stronger like incorporating medicine balls for slams, kettlebells for strength, and dumbbells for sumo squats. All of these combos and more are fantastic for training your muscles in the different movements that they involve, all while building strength and stamina and burning calories.

Because squats are such an important exercise they should be taken seriously when you’re working out. Make sure that you are properly warmed up before you start any exercise, especially when you are doing squats. Most people who are new to working out and exercising don’t realize how critical it is to be properly warmed up, safety should be at the top of your list when you’re new to fitness.

That’s why working out at a boot camp is great for all ages and fitness levels, and especially for those who have never worked out before. Not only do you learn how to properly warm up, but you have a trainer who is right there guiding you through the perfect squat and teaching you different combos of squats so you maximize your workout. When you execute the perfect squat you can feel it in your thighs, glutes, buttocks, and core and fitness boot camps help you gain the confidence you need to consistently execute that perfect squat.
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Squats aren’t the only body weight exercise that help you build strong muscles, there are push-ups, sit-ups, and crunches just to name a few. The benefits to body weight exercises are endless, but they provide a super effective workout in a short amount of time without the use of extra tools or materials. Of course, you can always add in extra weight here and there to make sure you are building muscle and not just plateauing.

A lot people who are new to fitness tend to get intimidated by the simple squat or just skip it altogether, which is a rookie mistake. Taking the time to understand what the squat does for your body can make a real difference in how you feel about doing them. We all want a tight and lean body, but we can’t get there until the squat is a regular staple in our exercise routine. That’s why you should consider joining the Brea boot camp for your fitness needs because you’ll learn all about the squat and other bodyweight exercises that are important to reaching your weight loss goals.

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