Top Fitness Trends for 2024

Are you looking for the best exercises for 2024? Whether you’re returning to the gym after the holidays or starting your fitness journey for the first time, this list of the top fitness trends for 2024 will inspire you to get fit this year.

Afterburn Workouts

Fit Body Boot Camp combines high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with active rest training to help you burn double the number of calories in half the time. Active rest training enables you to continue your workouts with low-impact exercise following a HIIT workout. 

Our unique training program guarantees that your body stays in a state of high metabolism for up to 36 hours following your initial workout. This fitness trend is expected to be among the best in 2024 and will provide you with quicker results as you continue on your fitness journey.


Biohacking is one of the best fitness trends for 2024 in terms of improving your health through incremental changes. Biohacking involves focusing on critical bodily needs like sleep, nutrition, blood sugar levels, and staying hydrated. 

New tech advancements like IoT sensors and wearables help you monitor your body’s hydration, heart rate, and other levels throughout the day and make small but significant changes to boost your health and wellbeing.

Gamified Exercise

Top fitness brands in 2024 are increasingly investing in gamification to entice people to stay fit. New VR technology or interactive experiences mean people can remain healthy while running from zombies or competing in the virtual Olympics. 

People are also encouraged to compete against each other through the rise of in-app competitions, offering rewards and incentives for completing a thirty-minute workout or drinking eight glasses of water a day.

Shorter Workouts

People feel time-poor, and the best exercises for 2024 will be ones that encourage people to use their thirty minutes of free time to fit in a workout. Workouts like the Fit Body Boot Camp Afterburn help people maximize what they can achieve in their limited time, boosting metabolism with active rest and high-intensity training. 

As workouts get shorter, the top fitness brands of 2024 will need to focus more on how people can burn calories more effectively.

Wellness on Holiday

Holidays of the past are often focused on over-indulgence and extensive periods on the sun lounger. One of the best fitness trends 2024 offers is that you don’t have to overeat on holiday. Holidays in the sun will see their vacationers at the spa, on tech-free forest family retreats, and yoga at dawn. 

Social Gym Experiences

More and more people want to enjoy fitness activities as a group. Gym and leisure facilities will offer experience-based gym sessions, like team-based workouts, new technology, more unusual classes like trampolining or ice skating, and integrated relaxation areas like coffee shops. As people want to participate more in events, gyms will pivot towards a vaster range of services to capture people looking for memorable gym experiences.

Reverse Running 

One of the more unusual fitness trends 2024 has on the horizon is reverse running. Reverse running is quite literally running backward. It helps you balance the impact of forward running on your knees, gives you a fuller range of movement, and allows you to stretch muscles you wouldn’t usually use when forward running. Try a reverse running class or activity to see how it boosts your exercise routine in 2024.

Low Intensity Workouts

As people with sedentary lives look to be fitter, a low-intensity workout is one of the best exercises 2024 can help you with. Also known as ‘cozy cardio,’ low-intensity workouts like yoga, walking, or pilates can help you invest in a bit of self-care while still staying healthy in 2024. Low-intensity workouts are also ideal for the older generations looking for ways to stay fitter for longer.


2024 is a great year to begin your fitness journey. Activities will be increasingly personalized to maximize people’s limited time, while gym activities will become more social and collaborative. If you’re not traditionally someone who exercises, low-intensity workouts and fun new exercises like reverse running are the perfect way to get started. 

The top fitness trends for 2024 are very much focused on incremental gains, like making small but significant changes to your nutrition, sleep habits, and how you exercise.

Looking For Inspiration to Start Your Fitness Journey in 2024?

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