Top 3 Things to Burn More Fat

When it comes to blasting more fat and keep weight off our bodies, there are a lot of things we can do. Of course they all include some form of diet and exercise, and that sounds simple enough, but what if there’s more to it than that?

See, there are so many things to keep in mind when your end goal is to lose weight and get rid of fat. What should I eat, and how much? When and how often should I work out? Which exercises burn the most calories? Is running enough to burn belly fat? There’s a lot of questions to answer when taking on the challenge of decreasing body fat.Boot Camp in Upland

In terms of health and fitness, there are three things we can do to burn maximum fat. Take the intensity and consistency of your workout, your insulin levels, and foods and chemicals that cause you inflammation and bloating, for example, these three things can help tremendously in your efforts to burn more fat, calories, and weight. The Upland boot camp can show you how:

Consistency and Intensity

You’ve probably heard that keeping the intensity and consistency up in your workouts is the best way to lose weight and burn fat, but do you know why that is?

Consistency and intensity are the keys to fitness success because you need both in a workout in order to achieve the results you want. You have to continually increase your intensity in order to make progress, and either maintain or increase the consistency of your workouts.

It’s an easy thing to accomplish when you’re doing something like lifting weights, you just add on more weight, increase the protein in your diet, and you’re pretty much on your way to becoming a lot stronger in a shorter amount of time.

Training consistently with intensity isn’t about having to push yourself past your breaking point every day, it’s about making shorter, more regular workouts more consistent and once you’ve improved your efficiency of movement, switch it up and try something new.

Manage Insulin Levels

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Your insulin levels actually have a lot to do with burning fat, so much so that you can think of insulin as the “fat storage hormone.” After eating carbohydrate-rich foods, large amounts of insulin pour into your bloodstream and depending on which foods you ate, it could take up to three hours for that insulin to leave your bloodstream. Your body goes into “fat storage” mode when there is insulin in your bloodstream, and now that we know that insulin affects the way we store fat, we can use it to our advantage.

To start managing your insulin levels, the boot camp in Upland recommends eliminating or significantly reducing your intake of things like sugar, corn, white rice and potatoes, breads and pastas, flour, fast foods, sodas, and most processed foods. Try eating a protein with every carbohydrate meal or snack as protein slows down the insulin response from eating carbs.

Avoid Foods That Cause Bloating and Inflammation

Another way to burn maximum fat is to avoid foods and chemicals that cause inflammation and bloat. The chemicals I’m referring to are the ones found in processed foods, you know, preservatives added into foods to make them last longer and taste better. Processed foods contain trans fat, which can cause inflammation by damaging the cells in the lining of blood vessels.

Avoid fried, fatty foods and switch from white bread to wheat bread, avoid sugar as much as you can and learn how to manage your insulin levels. Don’t forget to keep up the consistency in your workouts and increase your intensity over time. By following these steps, you’ll definitely be able to notice a decrease in your overall body fat percentage.

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