Toned Arms and a Strong Back – It’s about more than just appearances.

Do you lack upper body strength? Wish your arm muscles were more defined? Anyone, at any age, can have toned, sculpted arms. The benefits of a strong upper body are more than just how you look in a swimsuit. Upper body strength is important for every stage of life and daily activities and tasks.

Why should you care about strong muscle tone in your upper body? What steps should you take to strengthen and sculpt this often-overlooked area of the body? Well, the

Use a weight or resistance that will challenge you but not fatigue you. A two-pound weight probably won’t do much for most people, and 20 pounds may be too much for many. You can get the most out of your workout by pushing yourself with exercises that work several body parts at once. And ladies, you don’t have to worry about bulking up. Men like this aspect of weight lifting, and they can bulk up a certain amount with relative ease. The way a woman’s body is designed, however, keeps muscles from becoming overly large.

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