The Fit Body Boot Camp Promise to Fight Obesity

Today it was brought to our attention that a new study was released on obesity rates in adults around the world, and the results are shocking. Our goal and promise is to help people lost weight in a fun and safe way so that they can live better, longer, more fulfilling lives.

So let’s talk about obesity.

What is Obesity? 

To understand obesity you need to understand what a BMI is, or a Body Mass Index. Your BMI is your weight (in kilograms) over your height squared (in centimeters) and determines how much fat you’re carrying around on your body. BMI is used by trainers, doctors, nutritionists and many other health professionals to determine what steps need to be taken to help each individual get to a healthy weight.

A BMI of 18.5 or lower is considered Underweight, 18.5-24.9 is Normal, 25.0-29.9 is Overweight and 30 and above is Obese. There are many online BMI calculators that a person could use to determine if they are at a healthy weight or not, but the best way to get that information is to see a doctor so they can give you an accurate measurement on where you are on the scale.

The Current Obesity Rate

So, now that you understand obesity a little better and how it’s measured, you can understand why the following numbers disturb us.

In the last 40 years the amount of people with a BMI of 30 or over increased from 105 million people to 641 million people. That means that one in 10 men are obese while one in 7 women are obese.

Several recent studies show that the amount of people whose weight pose a serious health threat is higher than it’s ever been. Why is this? Especially since the health industry is such a large and expanding one?

The truth is that we’re going at this the wrong way. Weight loss drugs and surgeries aren’t going to fix this issue alone, and with health food costs rising people are becoming discouraged from even trying. We need to make a change to our food and exercise habits before this becomes more of an issue than it already is.

And the future is something we should be worried about. It’s predicted that if this global trend continues then 18% of men and 21% of women will be obese by 2025.

Our Promise

We here at Fit Body Boot Camp made it our mission to get 20% of the world’s population down to a healthy weight by the year 2020. That is our 20/20 vision of the future, and with more FBBC’s opening every day we can see that future becoming a reality.

But we want to recommit to this promise and mission we have made. We want YOU to know that we mean it when we say we want to make the world a healthier place for everyone. That’s why we are calling for all of our locations worldwide to take a stand and make this promise once more to make the world a better place. We will never give up on our 20/20 vision, and neither should any of you.


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