The Best Pre-Workout Strategies

How you prepare and what you eat before exercising can make all the difference in your training session. The right foods and supplements allow for more productive, higher intensity, and more impactful exercise.

Learn how you can boost your strength, endurance, and focus through nutrition and the right pre-workout supplements. 

Before You Get Started

Optimal nutrition before you exercise will help you maximize your performance as well as minimize muscle damage. Evidence confirms the necessity of proper nutrition for maximizing gym performance.

What to Eat

Both carbohydrates and protein are important macronutrients for your pre-workout meal when fueling up for exercise.


Carbohydrates provide the energy you’ll need to perform your best. They support proper levels of glycogen to fuel your muscles and give you the power to exercise harder. 


There is no shortage of research showing that pre-workout protein consumption can help boost your overall exercise performance. You can imagine this is helpful in a boot camp session or any challenging program.

Protein is necessary for the repair and recovery of your muscles. It makes sense to include some protein before your workouts so that recovery can begin quickly. 

If you’re not ready to eat chicken breast or a bowl of cottage cheese, consider protein powder for pre-workout. Protein powder is a fabulous, convenient, and tasty option that is easy to digest. In addition, some powder formulas are specifically designed for boot camp workouts.


Without realizing it, many of us are dehydrated even before our workouts begin. This directly affects exercise performance. Without the proper level of fluids, you may experience fatigue and less ability to complete your workout. So, make hydration a top priority!

Smart Ways to Supplement

Support your workout routine with pre-workout products. Choosing a formula with a combination of nutrients that optimize your mind and body daily is an ideal precursor to your exercise regime. A well-balanced supplement will help amplify your energy levels and heighten your productivity to help you reach your fitness goals.

We understand that adding a supplement might be a little scary if you’re not a professional athlete or licensed fitness coach. 

Fear not! Scientific studies have found that taking a pre-workout supplement can be an effective method for boosting energy before you exercise.

Various natural ingredients can deliver pre-workout benefits. Here are some of the best ingredients that are backed by research:


Nootropics are nutrients that, when used as a pre-workout supplement program, can help you reach your peak performance and get the most out of every training session.

Nootropics help you to focus and stay motivated throughout your workout. They support energy and concentration to help you to push through any fatigue you may be feeling. 

Nootropics include amino acids and herbal ingredients. Here are a few examples of the benefits they provide:

  • L-Tyrosine supports a healthy metabolism
  • Taurine will boost performance during prolonged activities, particularly at higher intensities
  • Ginkgo Biloba, a natural herbal used for centuries, has been found to enhance endurance during exercise
  • Lion’s Mane helps decrease physical fatigue

Green Tea

Research suggests that taking green tea before exercise may be especially beneficial for increasing fat burning. In fact, one study found that consuming green tea extract before working out boosted fat burning by 17 percent!


This amino acid is found naturally in tea. It works synergistically with caffeine, helping to provide calm, clear, focused attention without the jitters. 

It also helps the body maintain consistent energy and supports focus and performance. It is a helpful ingredient in your pre-workout supplement, especially if you lack concentration or motivation when training hard.


Beetroot has outstanding performance-boosting benefits. Studies reveal that these little red plants improve athletic performance and the ability to work out longer. 

The Importance of Pre-Workout Nutrition & Nutrients 

A well-planned pre-exercise meal and supplement program helps you make the most of your exercise routine by nourishing your brain and your body.

Proper hydration, building your glycogen stores with sufficient carbohydrates, and ensuring you have plenty of protein for recovery and muscle building are all essential components.

You may benefit from taking pre-workout supplements if you want to improve your performance and focus during your exercise program. Pre-workout supplements can help to increase energy levels, enhance mental clarity, and reduce fatigue. 

Look for a combination of ingredients because different supplements aid your workout in different ways.

However, it’s not just about the way you set yourself up for exercise. The workout you choose also has a significant impact on you reaching your fitness goals.

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