Diet Like a Celebrity

Why do movie stars get paid millions and millions of dollars?

They convince us that, for just a moment in time, we’re actually in another world. Maybe you’re stuck in the hustle and bustle of New York City, maybe you’re a knight in medieval times, or maybe you’re the only human alive in a zombie apocalypse.

Actors go to great lengths to prepare for the roles they play. Let’s say their next role is as a superhero. Part of their preparation would include getting in tip-top shape with a healthy diet and lifestyle, because who would believe in a superhero’s power to save the world when they aren’t even in shape?

What if I told you that you could harness that same level of dedication to get fit too?

You can, and after this blog I know you will!

You’re the star, and your next role is the healthy and happy new “you”! Let’s get you “fit” for the role with a couple of tips celebrities, like your favorite movie stars, use to get toned.


Never Forget Your “Why”


Why did you start working out? Why do you want to change your body? Why do you want to get in shape so badly?

The answers to these questions are your “whys.” When someone hits the wall and feels like they don’t have the energy to maintain a healthy lifestyle, their “why” can motivate them again.

So why would a movie star want to diet and get in shape?Fitbody Bootcamp

Well, they’ll earn millions of dollars if they do. The tabloids will rave about how good they look on the beach or on the red carpet. They might even sign endorsement deals that wouldn’t work if said actor/actress wasn’t in shape.

For the majority of people, these “whys” aren’t our “whys”, but they do show that urgency and commitment breed results.

Find that “why” that means something to you. Find that “why” that will inspire you to get up every morning and give it your all in the gym.


Take the Thinking Out of Eating

Celebrities have one little advantage over the rest of us…

They can hire people to do all that hard dieting stuff for them; they could just hire their own personal cook or nutritionist to craft the ultimate meal plan to get them to their desired body shape.

That doesn’t spell doom for you. You just have to look at things from a new perspective…

“How can I take the thinking out of eating?”

The answer: plan, plan, plan!

There are meal plans, dieting tips, and healthy recipes available online right now! First, decide what your fitness goals are, then look up what diets can get you to those goals, and finally take action and get the food and ingredients you need!

You can even sign up for an online service that sends ingredients directly to your door!

Of course, Fit Body offers meal plans that are done-for-you and easy to follow already. Check us out Fitbody BootcampIf they have a personal assistant, they can get access to food within seconds (if not minutes).

The lesson to take from this? Always have a healthy snack option nearby.

It takes a bit of planning, but make sure you either have something healthy in your bag or are near somewhere with healthy food such as a grocery store.

YOU control your diet. Don’t let your cravings control you!

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