Why Exercise in the Morning?

What a weekend!

Daylight savings came and went, and it blessed us all with an extra hour of sleep. Hopefully you caught up on some much needed rest!

You might notice that the mornings are sunnier and brighter. Maybe it’s even easier for you to wake up and start your day off early.

So after you stretch those arms to the heavens and hop out of bed, why not go for a quick morning workout?

Morning exercise is amazing for the mind, body, and soul. I get it though: you might still be of the opinion that sleep is what really matters most.

Let me convince you that it really is worth it to set your alarm clock a couple minutes (or even hours) ahead!


Exercise gives you energy

Think back to the last time you worked out. How did you feel then?

After that initial post-workout fatigue went away, you probably ate something and felt ready to attack the rest of your day, right?

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Exercise makes you feel invincible in the mornings. When your coworkers feel groggy and unresponsive, you’ll be a high-wired performer with the energy to knock out your to-do list one item at a time.

It’s true. Every time you work out, your heart pumps more and more blood throughout your body. Translation: You get more of the nutrients you need, and you feel more alert.


You’ll start your day off right

You know what one of the worst feelings in the world is? It’s when someone oversleeps, realizes they’re late for work, scrambles out of bed, and rushes to play “catch-up” for the rest of the day.

Exercise propels you ahead of your morning schedule. Soon, you relish a new feeling: the feeling of crushing your agenda before you get to work or drop off the kids at school.

Sounds amazing, right?

You build up momentum when you start your day with a workout sesh, momentum that comes from the belief that you did something in the morning. You’re not lying to yourself, either. You got up and pushed your body to its limits—that’s more than most people even attempt to do!

Use that confidence to be productive in other areas of your life, such as work, parenting, or volunteering.


You free up the rest of your day

So many people tell themselves that they’ll “just workout after work” or “after they do some stuff around the house.” That either never happens, or one workout takes up a chunk of time they could spend with family, with friends, or on personal hobbies.Fitbody Bootcamp

My friend, YOU want to be a time maximizer. Wouldn’t you love to have more downtime later in the day to kick up your feet and relax with the people that matter most?

Morning workouts save your downtime for the things you want to do. You effectively lengthen your day when you wake up early, get your workout out of the way, then start your morning routine with stuff already checked off your to-do list. It’s magic!


Did I convince you to switch up your schedule at all? If you want an amazing morning workout that only takes 30 minutes to do, check out a Fit Body Boot Camp near you! You (and your body) won’t be sorry that you did!

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