How To Set Your Goals Like a Pro:

I don’t think there’s any way to overstate this: your weight-loss goals mean the world to us. We know what it’s like to look in the mirror and not be satisfied with what’s there – for a lot of us, that’s where our fitness journey began. We want you to set some serious goals and crush all of them.  

Now here’s the thing: we also know that motivation can be slippery. That bit of knowledge is one of the core reasons why we’ve designed our program the way we have, focusing on smart, life-changing goals backed up by expert training and a community of accountability.

To make that possible, we spend a lot of time not just thinking about how to reach your weight loss goals, but also, how to set the right goals. The tips below will give you a hint of how we do it.

Your Whole Body Counts

How often have you heard one of your friends say “I just want a flat tummy” or “less flab on my arms would be nice” or “can I just get rid of these love handles?”

The good news is that you can have all of that. You can even have that whole package all together. But you can’t cherry pick, and here’s why:

When you try to zero in on just one part of your body, you end up with an inefficient workout program. Sure, you might get really powerful muscles in your abs, arms, etc. but you probably aren’t burning as many calories per session as you could be. Worse, the parts of your body that you neglect are left wide open to injuries, which could bring your fitness plan to a screeching halt.

Besides, if you could have your whole body lean and strong, why wouldn’t you go for that? That’s how we operate.

Hit Your Milestones…believe

Consider these examples of smart fitness goals:

  • “My goal is to finish my first marathon.”
  • “My goal is to get my blood pressure down to a healthy level.”
  • “My goal is to drop 40 pounds by next year.”

What do these goals have it common? First, they’re all measurable. This is important because tracking your progress – fast or slow – is a powerful motivational tool. Second, they’re ambitious. You’re doing yourself a favor when you set goals that are outside of your comfort zone. Even if those goals don’t pan out right away you end up accomplishing a lot in the process.

Third, and this is the most important, they’re all milestones. They’re goals that leave room for you to set even greater goals. They’re all steps that bring you closer and closer to your fitness peak.

…Chase Your Peak

Are you following everything we’ve said so far? Good. We want you take all that, put it in a little box, and set that box aside. Don’t worry, we’ll come back to it.

Now, if you could get anything you wanted out of your fitness program, what would it be? Seriously anything, no matter how outlandish. Got it?

That’s your peak.

Your peak is a goal that you are always supposed to chase, but you can never actually reach. Your milestones, the ones you have in your little box, will get you closer and closer to your peak, but never totally there. And that’s a good thing.

Real fitness results come from your lifestyle, not just your program.

The key to a healthy lifestyle is to always keep pushing for greater health. Your mind and your body need your attention every day, and they’ll never stop rewarding you for your effort.

Some people will tell you to only set realistic goals. Some people will tell you to always be a dreamer. We’re telling you to use the best of both strategies and get yourself some awesome results. So keep hitting your milestones and keep chasing your peak!

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